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I am in the midst of buying a serger and I do not know which one to pick.

My choices are between the Brother 1034D or the Janome 3434D.

I am leaning more towards the Brother only because it uses regular needles, but any advice you ladies have will be greatly appreciated.



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I have a Janome. I am boycotting Brother because I had one of their sewing machines and it was a total pain in the bottom. I now have a Janome serger and a Janome machine. Both wonderful and neither has caused me any trouble, unlike the Brother which (some readers may recall from my ranting on here at the time) was a heap of junk. I vote Janome!

Is it hard finding needles for it?  This is my only concern with the Janome.  I much rather the Janome then the brother. 

Does it do the flatlock stitch?

I have a kenmore machine, but the are made from Janome and I love it.  I have had it for 14 years and it still works great.  At the time I bought the machine I did not know that Janome made them. 

Thank you


I have a Brother 1034D, it's really easy to use and re-thread, though I haven't used it to it's full potential yet. I think I was influenced by my sewing teacher, it's what she has. I got to practice a little on hers before I asked Santa for mine!!

If you have a local store see if they will let you "test drive" a few different models before you make your choice.

I also have a Brother Innov-is 350SE sewing machine, I upgraded from a Brother starter model when I found a passion for sewing.

I've only been sewing for about 18mths.

BabyLock sergers are also good - air-threading, anyone?  Sounds good to me!  Viking makes an S25 with a coverstitch.  Most ASG members here have Bernina sewing machines and BabyLock sergers, and then, other random assortments of back-up and embroidery machines. 

Flatlock vs. Coverstitch:
(Most entry-level sergers have/are  neither.)

I have a Singer serger.  I can't recommend it due to 6 mos. in, the L needle won't hold tension.  Annoying.  I don't think I'm that rough with it.

Well I own an Elna Serger and I love it. It's easy to thread, uses regular needles. Sews very consistent and is on the quiet side. Here is the link. I really like the built in index cards with settings, plus the side compartment that houses the tools. It helps keep it all organized. The scarp holding tray comes in handy to clean up your work. I have to admit when I was testing machine, I picked this one because it was easy to thread, when you open the front, it has a diagram to follow for threading. Good luck, test as many machines as you can, it's a great investment and you want to love your choice.

Update, I am going with the  Juki MO-654DE.  I got it from Allbrands.  It comes with a nice assortment of things.


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