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   Do you change your serger thead to  serge your seams, when you finish your garment seams? Or do you leave white on there all the time??

     I really hate to see white thread on  a solid color..It just makes the inside look  so ugly..[Just my opinion]..  But, I also ,hate,hate to change 4 spools of thead when I change colors?  

   So,  I was wondering, what do you girls do?

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I change the color of the yarns according to the color of the garment, this makes the wrong side of the garment, more professional. I also, cut thread at the top of thethreading, tie wire and pull it again, super quick and easy.
I change my serger thread for each project, to make it match. It's a good opportunity to clean and oil the machine too :)
I change my overlocker threads to the closest match.  If I don't have enough spools of the right colour, say blues, I put the best match into the top looper, a darker match into the needle and the next best match into the bottom looper - who says they all have to be the same colour!  Good colours to have are black, cream, white, mid-dark greys, beige/browns,blues, & olive/dark greens.  After that it depends upon your personal colour preferences of what you sew.  By the way dark maroon reds can work pretty well on dark browns and vice-versa! 
I had never thought of doing that Rosemary but what an excellent thought, of course the loopers would be most important. Good thinking in a pinch!
Great idea..thanks for sharing.

I'd totally agree, and grey threads and green fabric can work nicely too (for my overlocked parts of my spring palette dress last week, I used aqua, white and grey because I don't have green available)!


Most of my threads are from the op shop too! I've only bought a couple of greys and blacks from the normal shop, because they're often in secondhand stores waiting for me to buy them!



Also when trying to match a thread to your fabric, if you cannot get it exact, always go for the darker shade rather than the lighter one, because it will  show up much less. 


A simple but obvious truth when pointed out and worth repeating out aloud periodically.

I'm thrifty with my overlocker threads too Sandy! Three threads on the machine is all you need, it looks nicer and saves you a bit.


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