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   Do you change your serger thead to  serge your seams, when you finish your garment seams? Or do you leave white on there all the time??

     I really hate to see white thread on  a solid color..It just makes the inside look  so ugly..[Just my opinion]..  But, I also ,hate,hate to change 4 spools of thead when I change colors?  

   So,  I was wondering, what do you girls do?

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Judy, you'll find this as no surprise since you know me so well, I change the color per fabric. My serger seems to like the attention of changing thread and usually runs at her best with a change. She is a very picky girl!
I don't have a serger Judy, but I get annoyed enough changing to a zigzag stitch on the machine.....

I change colours mid way through a dress and back again if necessary Judy!. Although I do a big sigh first!  - the more I do it the simpler it seems, as I just knot on the new colour and pull them through... very rarely does something come undone and need 'serious' re-threading. I keep overlocker thread in white, skin tone, black & red. I seem to get by with just these... although I've been thinking of adding a blue to the collection.

To finish seams I only ever have 3 spools on & one needle. I only use 4 threads & 2 needles if I'm sewing knits using overlocker only.

I am with Casey - I change colours all the time, and yes - sometimes a few times per garment - I like the inside to be neat.  I too use only 3 threads and one needle unless I'm doing knits or lightweight cottons.


The thread I buy (for the overlocker only) is Birch 1000m spools of cotton (they are around $2, so cheap) to colour match to the fabric I am using - or if I don't have 3 matching spools I wind thread onto bobbins and use those.  I tie the threads on and pull them through - rarely do I have to thread from the beginning, and even then it isn't a hassle.  I think threading the overlocker looks scarier than it really is!



I do the tie/pull through as well!  Once I learned that trick changing thread became a less daunting task and I happily change our thread.  I also work with knits a lot but I have a lot of trouble getting the tension right on the fourth thread (that second needle).  I need to take all my machines in for servicing, I just can't bear the thought of being without them for two weeks!

Thankyou all..  I too change colors.. I just have the basics-- white, black,red and tan.. But my serger has  some connectors ,where I can change to regular spool threads if need be.So.. if   its an odd color, I just use regular spools of thread.

   I wondered was I the only one that changed the thread?? I just hate when You open up a garment and see the white thread..eeeh. Doesnt look very well..

  Great tips on just using 3 spools,,Will try this.. thankyou ..

I have white, cream, grey and black overlocker threads and will change if needed, but do find that I tend to unconsciously pick fabric that will work with whatever is on the overlocker. Although I can get lazy.  My summery jacket does have white overlocking when I could have changed to the cream. (oh it was close enough lol)

I hate having the white colour if it really stands out.  I also hate changing the threads.   But in order to save time, I cut the threads at the spool, put on the new colour, rejoin the white thread and the new colour with a small knot and put through as far as possible.  Generally it means just rethreading the needles rather than redoing the whole threading up process.  I hope this makes sense.  If I am going to the trouble of making something I want it to look as good as possible, inside and out.

I do love the overlooker (Brit word for serger) as it saves hours of time.  If I find a nice piece of fabric, I just overlook the edges and hey presto a new table cloth.  Saves hours of time neatly hemming and does the job perfectly.

You know, its no wonder why it takes me so long... I actually first sew, then serge my seams...ish!

Yea Cathe, I mainly do this too.. unless it is a seam..that just you cant get to after you sew it up? ha.

Do you have lots of colors of serger thread?? I only have the basics..Guess I should  get more.?

I change my thread to match the garment - I'm so used to doing it I don't find it at all daunting to re-thread my overlocker.  :-)  I've got various sets of thread for my overlocker (four spools in a colour) - burgundy, blue, navy, black, white, grey, green, yellow......
I leave all the same colour... because once you change a thread you need to adjust tentions...  Or they are white/beige or black...


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