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Let's see your Valentine's Day palette creations!

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It was worth the wait! What a great idea, you have given me a laugh,  you could be my valentine proffering cake like that ;0)


I love the shoulder detail, you look marvellous (maybe you could go with my underwear idea next year.......), and red gingham is so authentically vintage.


Have a fun week this week! x

Thanks Charlotte - I'm a bit frazzled now!  Think I'll do something easier this week ...
wow - the ruffles look great, but please do not tell me an apron takes as much effort as a dress or I'll never attempt one.
Don't worry Jen - it completely depends on the apron style you choose to do!  I've found they can take anywhere from half a hour to a few days, depending on your choices.  The one margueritedesigns did is in the more complicated category - you can do a simpler one if you like, that won't be as much effort, so don't be put off!  If you want something simple to start with, there's lots of great patterns and tutorials around for basic aprons - rectangles or semi-circles that tie around the waist and don't have a bib front.  (You can always add the more stunning complex ones to your collection later on!  ;-)

Thanks Kat - my sewing is still at a point where reassurance is most welcome. I think the one time I ever made an apron was in a Year 7 sewing class and that was a considerable number of years ago.

Still, I like the idea of making something that will fit regardless :-D

Jen - here's a few simpler apron tutorials you might find useful to start out with.  They're all for half-aprons, so a bit easier and faster to make.  :-);topic=947...

I reckon I could manage one of them. Bring on the Apron Challenge! Cheers
Hi Jen - yes, I did happen to choose the most complicated apron in the packet!  There were 5 others to choose from, some looked quite easy to do but I liked the ruffles on this one.  I got it around 2 years ago.  I'll post the pattern number when I have it - I've lent it out.  Another good one is Butterick 6567, also with 5 to choose from.
Oh, that's fantastic!  I love it!  :-)
Such an adorable apron! Love the ric rac details!
Cute,.. cute ,,cute.. love the apron.. Judy
o. my. goodness.  I love it!


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