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Let's see your Valentine's Day palette creations!

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very pretty - and a great fit, bonus respect points for tackling something from the shame pile ;0)

Cute skirt and fits so good.. And to think you ripped up another garment and come up with this..

You are just toooo much.   YOu amaze me with your ideas.Keep up the good work.  Judy

I give you major credit for making a lined skirt!  It turned out beautifully.

Here is my dress made using 1975 Simplicity 6388 and a 1970s bed sheet. If I had to come up with a name for it I would call it the "Heartbreaker" because after many, many hours of unpicking, hand sewing and a few strongly worded arguments with the bodice bands... it didn't fit me! Pretty devastating as I really love it! At least the sheet was queen size so I have enough to make another one in some distant future where I know how to re-size patterns with bodice bands! The story does have a happy ending however, it fits a girl from work perfectly and she said it made her so happy she didn't want to take it off. At least it will be loved!

Amanda this is sooo pretty. I love it. What a bummer it doesn't  fit! Lucky girl who scored this one!

heartbreaker indeed because it's lovely, your friend must be thrilled! Hope you make a keeper very soon. It's inspirational that you used a sheet and came up with such a nice outfit, I see them all the time in charity shops but I can't envisage making nice things from them. I'll try now though!

How Pretty... Lucky coworker.. Look forward to seeing your next "sheet project"..They

are always so pretty.Judy

I really love this - I'm going to hunt out bedsheets now!
So pretty!  I love that you used a sheet for this - yay re purposing!
So pretty! I am sure that the lucky girl to really appreciate the work done.
I'm still waiting for Diane's weekly contribution with anticipation!  margueritedesigns, I'm looking forward to your promised post. I can't imagine what you have done, can't wait, I've checked about 5 times to see if you are here already today  ;0)
Hi Charlotte!  Here I am at last!  I didn't realise how much work was involved in this - all that ric rac braid to sew on and frills as well!  I've enjoyed it all though.  Look forward to trying a dress next!   


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