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Let's see your Valentine's Day palette creations!

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This is my fabric draped around my (borrowed) mannequin - hopefully I can recreate the look???

Let me know how you go - I draped some beautiful mauve material around Gertie (my mannequin) but have never been able to work out how to reproduce it.
Oh, I love that fabric!
that fabric is lovely x x x

Here's my Valentines Day creation!  I even had it ready in time to wear for Valentines Day yesterday - yay!  :-)


Simplicity 3230 from 1950.  Blogged about over here.


Kat you have done a great job - it looks great.  I was just reading your blog - you must have a huge stash!!  I purged most of mine a couple of years ago, as I wasn't sewing much (regretting that now).  I am just starting to build it up again, as I had forbidden myself to buy fabric unless it was for a specific project.


The photos look great - I hope you and your boyfriend enjoyed the evening!!  Have a great week.

Thanks!  :)


Yeah, my stash is fairly large.  Most of it is in a storage unit, it's that big!  (Eek!)  Too much pretty fabric, not enough sewing time.  I think this year's Sew Weekly challenges should solve part of that problem, though!  (New Years Resolution - no more fabric!)

You look beautiful, and very quick off the mark again this week. I like the matching hair, and the dress is very romantic and pretty - hope you had a nice evening!
Thanks!  It was a lovely evening, wandering around parts of Wellington we'd never been to before.  :-)
What a gorgeous dress! I really like the tulip print.
Your dress flows so beautifully and I love the shoes.
Your dress is lovely! I love the print and your shoes too:)


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