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Let's see your Valentine's Day palette creations!

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Exquisite! You look too "oriental" and beautiful. Love the fabric edge in gold.

Seeing Red Challenge


  I chose  a vintage Simplicity #5259 pattern for my dress, It was my first time to use a vintage pattern.[I learned that their sizing was differnt back then]. The shoulders on my dress were too long, I took my sleeve out and cut it down some, however, I think ,it still needs to be cut down some. But, I wanted to get my pictures posted. Will work on it again, later.  I used a coral red print fabric that has been in my stash a long time. I was very fortunate to go to  my local wal mart and  find a white leather belt on clearance sale for $3.00 .Yea.!!!

  I also made a red and white polka dot blouse from a Simplicity pattern #2614. I really like how it turned out. It is very comfortable. I had this fabric in my stash also. I was lucky to find a big lot of 145 buttons on  ebay for $3.50.

Very nice!  I especially love the polka dot blouse - gorgeous design and fabric choice, and it looks wonderful on you!
Thanks Kat..

it worked out really well Judy! I need a close up of the dress though.... Like the white belt, very vintage! I'm with Kat, gotta love red and white polka dots.


Glad your effort was worth it, have you got any ideas for this week ????????

Thanks Charolette,

  No, I have NO idea about this weeks challenge..I may just sit this one out and clean house or

something,ha.. I tried pulling some dresses from the  oscar winners and I couldnt find anything

to do? What about you??

   I am going to cut my crepe dress out this weekend. Maybe ,I'll work on it ,this next week.Hope you have a good weekend. Judy

ps I'll email you a close up picture and  a picture of the pattern, I like the pattern, it was just too big

in the shoulders..  I am going to make another one, but next time ,Iwill know how much to cut it.

tee hee I have a fun plan for this week, hope it comes off, I am full of confidence now the dress is finished! And I wore it out tonight, my friends liked it too so I was pleased.


Looking forward to the pics, thanks, good luck with the crepe dress. Thanks again, I only finished my dress because of what you said, C x

Oh  Charolette,

 the dress is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! I love it. You look sooooooo pretty..I know ,you enjoyed wearing it out tonight. and doesn't it feel good to know "you did it yourself"..

   I love the fabric.. so pretty.. You have encouraged me too..Even though ,I have sewed for years, I mainly sewed for my kids and grandkids.and now...sewing for me , different.[too old and fat.ha]

   I am going to get my crepe cut out and done this week..I chose a blue and yellow flower fabric [really looks like spring]. I am going to do my belt out of a gingham yellow  check..

   Anxious to see what you have  planned for this next week.. I am waiting for people to start showing theirs..maybe I will think of something.ha if not.... I will just work on my crepe dress.

   Oh, when you hit on my picture ,does it not show up close?

Thanks Judy,  I am thrilled with it. There are mistakes but you can't see them so I am ignoring them... you are right, I feel great wearing it!


Spring colours at last! Sounds great, really fresh.


I'm no Twiggy as you can see but I have decided that if I wait until I lose weight to make clothes for me I'll be waiting forever ;0)


Have fun with the dress, and thanks for the clicking tip, Cx

Well... I guess your right...if we wait until we "lose weight" ,,,we will have no clothes. Or at least the case with me.ha My husband and I are trying to "eat healthy" ,hoping to loose   a few pounds..I think its working for him.. but I think I am sneaking  into the cookie jar tooooo much.ha


Well done Judy. A dress and a top! they look great!


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