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Let's see your Valentine's Day palette creations!

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Thankyou Casey.
Red looks fantastic on you! These are great pieces for your wardrobe - excellent work!
Oh Judy! the dress looks wonderful on you, you look great and the polka dot blouse is beautiful.
Thankyou Rosy..
I went for flowers... it's the Colette pattern, I love it (except I can't stand in front of my granny's curtains in case I fade in. lol). Anyway, this is my Valentine's dress! My first ever dress.... love it, thanks all for your encouragement x
Very pretty!  Well done.  :-)
Beautiful! Love the fabric too.
Well done Charlotte, you look gorgeous!!
Thank you Kat, Adey and Casey, I'm glad you like it, especially as you three make such lovely lovely things yourselves! Can't wait to see what you are doing this week (although Kat has probably finished already, tee hee)....... it's taken me ages to decide on a project

Funny you should mention that, I've just put up a blog post for this week's challenge, and I'm lying on the couch wearing my creation for it!  ;-)  And for once, I didn't make a dress!!


Have you decided what you're doing for this week's challenge Charlotte?  There are so many fantastic movies to get inspired by, I spent about 2 hours looking through photos from a selection of them and it was soooo hard to choose which one to use!

I know! I have looked and looked and looked at stills. Right, I'm off to see what you've done....

OK, I've looked, and you have made a corker this week. I think the new 50s shape is really you! I can't believe you did it so quickly too. The photos are amazing too, well done all round. I am green with envy. You clever thing.


Also, I was having a little chuckle because I have had the same idea as you and thought about the Addams Family, Star Wars etc (Chewbacca? Fake fur?).  My first impulse was Sense and Sensibility because I have a long running obsession about the divine Alan Rickman but I couldn't think what to do. In the end I am going a bit left field this week, hope it works out!


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