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Let's see your Valentine's Day palette creations!

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Thanks Charlotte!  :-)


Haha yeah it was very tempting to pick one of the more random movies to get inspired by, wasn't it?  I even toyed with Tron or Lord of the Rings briefly!


I'm looking forward to seeing your creation!  (It's so much fun seeing what completely different things we all do with the same theme!)


 You have got  my curiostity stirred up???????????? Wondering what idea you are

going to come up with?ha.. I am still in the thinking mode..Just can't decide if I am going wait this one out, or try one.ha..  Cant wait to see your idea.Judy

Hi Kat,

 I tried to look at your blog post to see what you decided on?? But it won't let me? Not sure what I am doing wrong.. Would love to see your creation. Happy Sewing.Judy

Hi Judy!  Here's a direct link to the post, hopefully this will work!  :-)
That is fab Charlotte - well done! 
It looks great! I love that pattern - I especially love your fabric!
Beautiful dress! Flowers and 50s silhouette looks great on you!
even later - my rushed effort (strictly around the house or on holidays only.
well done Jen - it is definitely a very cheerful holiday outfit! lovely vibrant colours - made me feel very sunshiney
Thanks Charlotte - there's room for improvement, but I am happy that I completed it. I'm now starting to cut out the fabric for my next effort. I hope it works out as I need a dress for a wedding in April. ( I just hope the bridesmaids aren't in royal blue :-D )
That fabric is right up my it!!! I hope you got to wear it somewhere wonderful :)

I didn't find the fabric for my dress until Tuesday and so worried I wouldn't get it done in time, I decided to start a skirt as well. I pulled this one from my shame pile - I'd thrown it together really poorly, not really using a pattern and as a result it didn't fit very well. I didn't want to waste the vintage fabric on something I wouldn't wear so I unpicked the whole thing and started again, using the same fabric pieces but re-cutting them to 1960s Butterick 2542. This was my first fully lined skirt and so I used the seam ripper quite a bit after giving it a go and realising once I'd finished that I'd gotten it wrong. 



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