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The whole last week, I have been seeing this great photo of a long hippie dress but I wasn't smart enough to save it or mark it in some way. Does anyone know where I can find it? I think the user was called "Hippie swirl", a very pretty lady with long blond hair, great smile and a sun flower in her hand. For some reason I simply don't manage to find that photo anymore (was possibly on the sew weekly website but I can't find it there either).

Thanks in advance!


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I can't find it either maybe she took down the picture for some reason or deleted her acount?

Aw, what a pessimistic approach. I prefer to think that our searching skills just aren't good enough. ;)

Maybe, but I think I know which picture you mean and I commented on some of her dresses, can't find any of them :-( But let's see if sombody else finds it.

Ah, that's bad news. If you commented and you can't find her anymore then she might be really gone. :(

I definitely remember the post and the dress...she had posted a gorgeous red dress for the "celebration" challenge week. She also had a few more dresses, all spectacular, the dresses and the photos. So sorry to see her leave, she was very inspiring

This is really unfortunate. I hadn't even seen that dress yet that you mentioned but now I wish I had. :(  I will try to make something similar to that colorful 70s dress she made. I would have just loved to have the photo as something to hold on to. I can still remember quite well what it looked like but it would have been nice to be able to refer to the photo.


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