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I finish all my seams with my overlocker (serger), but sometimes I'm not sure whether this is the best option.  Should seams be sewn together or separate (I generally go together because it is easier & I think looks better, unless using heavy fabrics or there's a zipper in the seam).  When should I use other finishes such as french or bound?


How do you finish your seams?  I would love to learn more about this.

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I work on a beat-up old Necchi, so zig-zag is as good as it gets.  French seams only when it's necessary, like on nice silk or when the seams will be seen from the back.  It's just a lot of work and the tension has to be just right.  My mom always taught me to finish seams as you go and press them open, so I dutifully obey!

I've recently gotten down the technique of the flat-felled seam and it's a beautiful touch, especially around the armscye.  Fancy fancy!

I'm all about the "fancy fancy"' an added crazy obsessive behavior on my part...oh but I love the end results , oh lovely! Love the flat felled seams and frenchies too! I have a Necchi too but tend to use my more modern machine although I do love Necchi, she's a beauty!

 pinking shears are my best friend... so easy and fast.. .[and  I am lazy] I have a serger, and I do serge some

things..but mostly I pink everything.


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