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I'm fairly new at sewing and go to a sewing class which I love!!

I was just wondering where people get patterns and fabrics from to save money.  Ob as I'm new to sewing I don't have the patterns already and I don't have a fabric stash. And in my local area we have one shop that sells fabric but its aimed at upholstery fabrics - Not even a jersey in sight!!!

So I was just wondering what other people did!!!

Thanks for any help in advance!!!

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Hi, Sarah, in the UK you can get Burda and Sew magazines from WH Smiths,  both have free patterns in them. Some online sites/forums offer free patterns to print off.

For fabric I usually shop online, not many bargains out there though unlike the states. I really think we're lacking in that department!

It's worth looking in your local Charity shops, Ebay and Etsy too.


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