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Just a safety reminder for those of you with little ones:  I, like a lot of you probably do, always leave my sewing machine and serger plugged in, but turned off.  I figured that this was safe enough, because the kids don't know how to turn it on and get it going.... or so I thought.  I heard my daughter cry from the other room, and when I came in, she had taken the cover off, managed to find the on switch, put her finger under the needle and then press the pedal.  She only barely caught the skin on her finger, but it could have been worse.  


I think I'll pull the plug out from now on!  

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Ohhh that hurt me reading your post! I'm glad your daughter is okay and a good reminder for us all!
Oh dear. That is a good reminder. My 4 year old niece is now living with me and is fascinated by all the fun and mess that sewing creates. I'm so glad your daughter is okay, and your cautionary tale will (hopefully) help me keep my niece safe. They do find trouble where you least expect though!
Good reminder - I have to remember to put my shears out of reach as I have a bag of scissors that I leave to hand while I am sewing...... hope she is ok

Vicki, so sorry for your daughter..Know this scared you to death.. I too will unplug mine.. [I have grandchildren around all the time]. thankyou for sharing..

   My mom worked in a shirt factory years ago, and she got her finger under the needle and sewed it, the maintenance man  had to take  the screw loose and undo the whole bar  to get the needle out of her finger..She ended up being off work for about a month..And many doctor visists.. So, I know. How dangerous this could have been..

  Praying for your  little girl..And so thankful it only got a little bit of her finger.

  Charolette...yes scissors are another dangerous thing.Thankyou both for the reminders. [As our little ones , see the fun we have and they want to join in]




glad you are all ok!

I guess it is very tempting to mimic Mama and all the fun stuff she is doing with pointy scissors and pins, loud machines, hot irons... I remember being covered in cuts and having black finger nails from imitating my parents doing house renovations and using their tools when their backs were turned, so I'm just getting it back from my daughter in another form!  (I also remember putting a blob of oil-based paint on my head when I was little, so I had a white spot for weeks  LOL)


wow, that's scary.  i would like to think my little one wouldn't do that, (she knows to stay out of the sewing area) but who knows?  curiosity can strike at any point...


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