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Hey there lovely ladies!


A while back, a group of us took part in a world-travelling lace and notions swap, and had lots of fun bundling up goodies and sending them as a surprise to one of the other Sew Weekly sewing circle ladies.  After the swap wrapped up, the idea was floated that we do something similar - this time with patterns!  It feels like enough time has passed now, so....  who's up for another mystery swap?


The idea for this one is:

 - Everyone who takes part will send a pattern to their swap partner.  New or vintage - it's up to you.

 - If you're keen to take part, email me your address and your measurements (bust, hip, waist) so I can pass these on to your swap partner (after all, they need to know what size pattern to hunt out for you, don't they?!)

 - I'll take sign-ups for the swap until next Sunday (2 October)

 - I'll then put all the names into a magic hat (aka a spreadsheet and's number generator) and email you the name, address, measurements and Sew Weekly name for the person you're sending something to

 - After that, we'll all have 2 weeks to find a pattern we think our swap partner would like and get it in the mail to them

 - Once we all receive our swap pattern, we'll post it up on here (use the tag 'patternswap') so we can see what we all got!

 - And then your challenge is to use that pattern - either as a separate challenge, or as part of a Sew Weekly challenge, whatever works for you.  Then post the picture of your creation up on here, using the tag 'patternswap' again so we can all see them.


What do you think?  Anyone keen?

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It wasn't unclear, I am just in the habit of using the term chest, because I've worked on menswear, and I am trying to distinguish the difference of the ribcage from the forward 'attractions' as it were.

For myself, another measurement I always take into consideration is what I call the 'low waist', this is 2-3 inches below the waistline, and because I have a tummy, my measurement  goes out very, very quickly in this short vertical space, so by taking this second 'low waist' measure, I am able to get things to fit below the waist much better than if I was to just use a waist & then hip measure as they show in the text books,  because frankly, I am not that shape!

 Help my time is running out to send Kat my address and measurements and I can't seem to send her an email because we are not "friends". Is there another option?  Thanks for the help....
Hey ladies! I'm about to start sending out the names of your swap partners. (Fun!) :-)

Please don't worry if you don't get yours until tomorrow - there have been a lot of sign uos for this one (yippie!) So It'll take me a while to get them all sent out. :-)

(And yes, everyone who has sent me your measurements is in!)

By the way, in case you're interested, we've got 25 girls from all around the world (Croatia, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Singapore, England, Scotland, New Zealand, United States) taking part in the swap.    I've sent out the first 10 emails to people saying who they've got - the rest of you will get your email tomorrow.  (It's now past my bedtime, which is why I'm stopping!)


(And for those of you who still need to send me your address - you know who you are, and there are about 5 of you left.  ;-)

well done you! x x x

yeahhhhhh So excited ! Can you start a new discussion with the "rules".



You are AWESOME Kat. I don't think I could ever take on this kind of thing. Can't wait to make a new sewing friend and send them their pattern.

Hey ladies!  Just sent out a bunch more emails.  I'm still waiting for a couple more addresses to come through to me, but hoping to get emails out to the last five of you tomorrow with the news of who you'll be sending a pattern to.  :-)

Thank you Kat for all your hard work.  Lucky me has someone who is already a 'friend'!

I think it goes like a circle, so getting a pattern from someone and sending to someone else :)

I'm wondering if we are supposed to tell the person we're sending to who we are or if that's supposed to be a surprise? Hm...

Kat uses the website to allocate the person you are sending to. You will receive your pattern from someone else. So you are right Ewa, you are not paired up. You will not get a pattern back from the person you send to but from a different member of the group.


Also, it is a surprise! You will not find out until you get your pattern who has sent you your parcel. That's part of the fun ;0)


Other news: I have sent my parcel today - hope the person who gets it likes it xxx



Wow Charolette, Your fast..  Isn't this fun?/


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