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Hey there lovely ladies!


A while back, a group of us took part in a world-travelling lace and notions swap, and had lots of fun bundling up goodies and sending them as a surprise to one of the other Sew Weekly sewing circle ladies.  After the swap wrapped up, the idea was floated that we do something similar - this time with patterns!  It feels like enough time has passed now, so....  who's up for another mystery swap?


The idea for this one is:

 - Everyone who takes part will send a pattern to their swap partner.  New or vintage - it's up to you.

 - If you're keen to take part, email me your address and your measurements (bust, hip, waist) so I can pass these on to your swap partner (after all, they need to know what size pattern to hunt out for you, don't they?!)

 - I'll take sign-ups for the swap until next Sunday (2 October)

 - I'll then put all the names into a magic hat (aka a spreadsheet and's number generator) and email you the name, address, measurements and Sew Weekly name for the person you're sending something to

 - After that, we'll all have 2 weeks to find a pattern we think our swap partner would like and get it in the mail to them

 - Once we all receive our swap pattern, we'll post it up on here (use the tag 'patternswap') so we can see what we all got!

 - And then your challenge is to use that pattern - either as a separate challenge, or as part of a Sew Weekly challenge, whatever works for you.  Then post the picture of your creation up on here, using the tag 'patternswap' again so we can all see them.


What do you think?  Anyone keen?

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hey! it's not always me!


Hey Charolette t.. Now ...we have proof...I get my meaness from ...ANYWHERE, I can find it. hahahhaha..

But honestly...he would tell you....." shes awful, I know it is JUDY!!!! She loves to get me!!"

Lovely Judy I cannot imagine anyone less mean, or more fun xxxxx
You'll soon have him turned into an Anglophile ...
hi Diane, yep... I am gonna turn him into an Anglophile.. [Confession: I had to go and look up Anglophile in the dictionary, to see what it was.hahahha] guessed..I will use that one too.tee hee.. [See Charlotte t.. .. I have to get him, one way or the other...] Just think Charolette and Diane..If I turn him into an Anglophile...we might just  move to UK.. And we could REALLY be sewing buddies then. tee hee..
That would be just super ;0)
Please also count me in. This sounds like fun!

I'd love to play too, surprises from around the world are wonderful.

See if someone else can work out what style might suit a short pyramid,  because I'm stumped, (as well as stumpy!) 

tee hee I am looking forward to seeing what someone thinks will suit me too (big boobs, ginormous backside, fat legs), what a hoot, and I hope I can actually sew what someone produces (special note - no vogue advanced please!)


This is so much fun already, the anticipation is killing me, I can't wait to find out who I am shopping for, so much fun! x

Me too Charolette..  I am so excited and SCARED... [I feel sorry, for whoever gets my measurements.Just plain ole]

  and I second the  motion.Please..please  NO advance  vogue... Simple,and

me too, please no advanced !



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