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Hi Guys

I have this jumper and all new to redesigning. Please help me come up with ideas on how to alter it. ANYTHING and absolutely every idea's welcome!


A 'flat picture':

it's a 3/4's sleeves - but a bit too big on me. Still not ig enoght to do a cardi without having to add fabric tp place button and buttonsholes in.

I can see it as a cardi - but what about the neckline?? What should I do - and the sleeves - as you can tell- they are too long to be 3/4 on me but too short yo be full length.

An action pic.:

As said I will welcome ALL ideas for what to do with, which clours to add ect!


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Could you convert it into a cardigan but also add a deep lace frilled cuff to each sleeve and maybe use the same trim around the neckline?  Just an idea, don't know if it would work ...

Oooh! I love her idea! :) I am a big fan of the ruffled cardigan. 


Could you make it a short sleeve and add a collar like this?'anya'_cardigan:336807&cm_pla=tops:women:sweater&cm_ven=bizrate&mr:referralID=95dfba5f-9d30-11e0-be22-001b2166becc

Over on Grosgrain they did a whole month of embellishing / refashioning knits a while back.

Thank you Ladies! Great ideas. I think I'll cut the sleeves, and make it a cardi. Still not sure what to do with the neckline - I'm pretty sure I'll add something... mayby let it continue down the front.... 

Bat to the thinkingbox and drawingboard


Could you cut it across, under the arms, getting rid of the neckline and arms, sew on elastic and make it a sweater skirt?

That's interesting!

As for now though, I've taken in the sides which gave it a much better fit already!

I might have to see in the closet if there are anymore jumpers t play around with and try your suggestion.

You could sew something like this, make the jumper in a cardigan ...


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