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Does anyone have a good website or tutorial on how to re-size a pattern? I have a dress pattern that is a 38 and I need it to be a 32. I have mostly found info on how to make a pattern bigger but nothing really helpful on how to make it smaller. Any advice, suggestions, links would be helpful!

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I don't have any specific links to point you to, but what you're looking to do is pattern grading.  I would start by doing a google search for that term and checking out pattern blogs or threads.


Hope someone else is able to help give you some specific links that they've used though...  :)

Hi Megan!

I've found these two links to be the most helpful and easy to understand from my novice standpoint. I hope they help!

On Colettes blog she teaches how to do a fba downsizing ... Pati palmer fit for real peopl also

Hi Megan,

I found this site a while ago and liked how it explained grading.

If you've figured out the 'slash and spread' technique for making patterns bigger.. you're nearly there.  

To make smaller  you  'slash and overlap' (or you can fold out the excess) using the same increments.


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