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Hi Eveyone,


I am quite excited about Mena's little post on using craft or quilting fabric.


I wanted to share the above link to my friend Kesenya's blog.  She has used this craft fabric to make a vintage inspired skirt -  I think it looks fantastic! 


Honestly I find it so frustrating that vintage fabric is becoming so scarce in Australia, or was never available in such plentiful as it seems to be in the US - I will now just buy curtain/upholstry fabric if it looks close enough!  Oh and quiting fabric too!


Sorry for the rant


Trish x


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Ho ho, not so plentiful here in the US either, in fact you really have to look pretty hard to find good vintage. I love Rebecka's fabric choices!

I'm wondering if there is a stash of vintage fabric in peoples basements and attics and all of a sudden there will be a wave of goodness out there. Actually I think it's all in San Francisco and Mena is finding it!
I'm like Rebecka - I use quite a lot of "juvenile" prints in craft cottons as well.  Cartoon elephants, bugs, flowers, polka dots, little Hello Kitty prints, you name it, I'll use it.  So much fun!  (Although I do find they work best with 1950's style dresses.  The busy-ness of the prints can easily obscure the details of 1940's style outfits, sadly....)
 Me too Kat.. Just love all the little  cartoon bugs,flowers,hearts dots,etc.. Makes for Happy Sewing..


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