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Hi fellow sewers.  A few weeks ago I bought some new sewing toys.  One of them was a real Rajah cloth and it is fantastic.  Only tried it today trying to do my 'childhood' garment before time runs out !  I had to make a rolled hem on bias as part of it and it came out all lettucey.  I used the cloth on it and it's now flat!  There are some things I find curious about the instructions - never wash it and used stamped side up.  The rebel in me was tempted to use it stamp side down to see what happened but sense prevailed.  If you haven't got one get one I say.  It only cost me $6.50. (Australian).

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Huh.  Sounds like a gremlin: 'Don't get it wet, and don't feed it after midnight.'  What the heck is this magical , yet demanding, "Rajah cloth"??  I'll go get one and live dangerously, too! :-)

Haha.  I will treat it with caution.


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