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Okay this has nothing to do with a sewing challenge here at Sew Weekly but seriously Season 9 of Project Runway started on Thursday and not a peep from anyone...really?! What about the woman that has only been sewing for only 4months, or the guy that claims to be 100 (okay he was joking)?!

Personally I don't watch much TV although I hear the lycra men of Tour de France are worth watching...but I'm a junkie for Project Runway. Anyone else??? What did you think...?

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I was totally disappointed in this season.  The challenges were not good and it got boring.  I will watch the All-Stars because I know many of them and what they can do.  I just hope the challenges are better.  I can't wait to see Snarky Kenley.  I hate her attitude but love her vintage-inspired clothes.  Wonder what she'll do this season.



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