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Okay this has nothing to do with a sewing challenge here at Sew Weekly but seriously Season 9 of Project Runway started on Thursday and not a peep from anyone...really?! What about the woman that has only been sewing for only 4months, or the guy that claims to be 100 (okay he was joking)?!

Personally I don't watch much TV although I hear the lycra men of Tour de France are worth watching...but I'm a junkie for Project Runway. Anyone else??? What did you think...?

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I have to say, this episode was full of cattiness.  But team challenges almost always are, I've noticed.  I about had a heart attack when Michael Kors was actually nice to that poor girl.  He complimented the hat in a way that was like he just felt sorry for her.  And if Bryce had spent half as much time helping her as he did complaining about her then they wouldn't have been  quite  so bad off. Not knowing how grain works in fabric is rather crazy to me was well.


Bert has 'jaded' written all over him.  He also knows how the politics of blame-game works.  I wanna like him too, its kinda hard.  Victor acts like a cranky drag-queen.


I do agree with the judges on the winner.  I also remember that Heidi clearly stated that this was a 'larger than life' challenge but they were still suppose to bring something that was fashion-now, not costume.  

Ummm, this week was kind of yummy. I hate to say it, but I really like Anya, she has such a good eye for styling and she's nice...even if she claims to have 4 months of sewing experience.

I was happy Kimberly won, I think it was well deserved and Julie...oh Julie...good bye!

Cathe, I agree.. I thought Kimberly should have won.Hers was the best of all to me.. And She is really fantastic [if she REALLY on has 4 mos experience} Can  you imagine what she will be and do in 4 she is really sweet and I tend to root for her !!!

  The one poor girl ...just wants to go home..I dont see , why she just dont quit. Her out fit was not very good..

 But..all in all..I love the show.. [thanks Cathe. for getting me to watch it]..  I can't imagine ,being given

a  challenge and ONLY 30 minutes in the fabric store to choose.. I can tell you.......... I just lost!!! I couldnt even think about it in 30

Cecilia and Julie were totally bringing me down! I really enjoyed watchign  Nina cut everyone off at the pass....



'shawl collar'




Oooooo this week's episode!! Bert needs to go, he is so nasty, the man can sew but he is just horrible. I wonder if he's acting this way to get camera time...

I really like Anka...
Ya know, Bert reminds me of a washed up bitter old drag queen ala Charley Brown (warning, don't watch if you have delicate sensibilities).  Only he's out of drag and forced to play with his replacements.
Did anyone feel bad for Becky? She turned into the teams Eyeore- just sew and try not to sigh too loudly...
Yes I felt very bad for her and I was surprised the judges felt this team's leader showed leadership in the way he handled his team. I'm quite sure I would be fired acting this way at work.
LOL your description of her is spot on. She was pretty pitiful this week. But man, Bert was on my nerves big time! Talk about Crabby Gabby!  Ugh! This week's episode rubbed me the wrong way - I think it was all of the drama between those two teams.  It was enough to make me join in the conversation on here though :)
The drama is too much, I wonder if they are coached to misbehave! I think this is one of the weaker groups but I love the stress of the timelines and challenge. You know if the one person who has only 4 months of sewing is floating to the top something isn't right!

But I love it all and plan to watch it to the end! Addicted, oh yeah!

I'm really coming around to Anya too.  Her work is great despite her lack of experience.  I guess she's one of those people with a really good eye for style, and her construction skills just need to catch up.  I once took a photography class with someone who had absolutely no idea which way to hold the camera or mix chemicals, but her work totally outshone everyone else's because of pure artistic sensibilities. 


Yeah, Burt has some kind of personality disorder.  Or he's still on drugs. I kind of liked his outfit though.....


I loved Victor's dress + jacket combo;  I guess it's because it reminded me so strongly of the look I wanted when I was in University in the late '80s, except I would have worn it with Docs, not sneakers ;)

Spoiler alert - ep 4!


I felt a bit sorry for Bert in a way, Viktor seemed to accuse him of lots of the things that Viktor himself was doing when they worked together. They were a terrible team. But "no grain" girl (Fallene?) deserved to go, she didn't finish anything, she was lovely but hopeless.


This week, Cecilia dodged a bullet. That dress was dreadful in every way. She completely gave up.  I didn't hate Justine's coat dress, I thought they were very harsh on her.


I'm not sure about Anya. The 4 month thing HAS to be nonsense. After 4 months putting in a zip is a major thing. She has great style though!


This is so fun - and I think we are doing a sort of Project Runway on this site when we join in the challenges and post our photos - my model is a bit belligerent though and her styling is rubbish. She should be auf'd soon. ;0)


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