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Okay this has nothing to do with a sewing challenge here at Sew Weekly but seriously Season 9 of Project Runway started on Thursday and not a peep from anyone...really?! What about the woman that has only been sewing for only 4months, or the guy that claims to be 100 (okay he was joking)?!

Personally I don't watch much TV although I hear the lycra men of Tour de France are worth watching...but I'm a junkie for Project Runway. Anyone else??? What did you think...?

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Have any of you noticed in the blog world individuals who are taking on the challenges and posting them. They aren't necessarily sewing the challenge but showing their ideas…it's kind of fun.


Here's one I just came across:

Okay so I generally don't like group challenges and this one was no exception.  I didn't really care for any designs but it was a difficult challenge.  I do think the winning design was very flowy on the runway and pretty from the waist down but I really liked Kimberly and Becky's design.  Didn't they have the model with the wonky walk?  That was seriously funny.  I love PR. 

Oh, yeah.   What a Know-It-All Bert is turning out to be.  I hope he can prove me wrong.

I agree this week's challenge was difficult and I felt like there was a really fine line between wearable/RTW and costume. I was hoping for inspirational. I thought when Tim reference Paris fashion week all I could think is push beyond RTW but that's really what the judges wanted. I want so much more...

Bert is painful, I'm already tired of him and Victor.... The woman that got the boot was asking for it...she feed into her dopey partner. All he had to offer was it's not cut on the grain and you are self taught...arrogant!

This episode was painful..but still fun.

What did you think?

Cathe, I agree, I was confused as to what they all wanted.  I imagined something grandiose, but the judges liked the more RTW.  I found it mostly boring.  I did like the winning design, but just cause it was so flowy and I like how they styled the model.  

I also liked Kimberly and Becky's design, but didn't care for the chiffon number so much.

Bert, oh, Bert.  I want to like him cause he feels like such an underdog, but he really makes it hard!  And that outfit was Hideous!  The girl that left, I felt bad for her cause she seemed like such a nice person, but didn't know how to cut on grain? Had never even heard of it, really?  She was cast on the show to fail.

Now who's next to go?? 

Maybe the guy who was obsessed with "grain", he was really responsible for the Tulle mess!

Seems like there are plenty to choose from, maybe the short haired blonde...Victor, maybe even Bert... I didn't think much of Oliver either...

Well Cathe.. I so enjoyed my first ever episode of Project Runway..

  I cant remember the people by name, sorry.. But... I was really sorry for the way..the guy kept

insulting the girl for not knowing how to cut on a grain? [why not tell her how? duh...she is your partner,and your trying to win this thing?]. I thought he should have went home.. he was the one, that did all the doings.. She did the hat, and the judges liked it..but they made her go home???

  the pants...........oh Lord.............. the zig zag ric rack looking pants.. It hurt my eyes to look at them..

They were awful.. That is who I would have chosen to go home.

  But the black tutu looking outfit..was pretty bad too..

  My favorite was the  red.I think because it was so flowy..[and of course I love red] week, I can remember some names... and know more of what is going on..

I think Bert does have a lot of experience but he seems to be a bit bitter and yes the right person went home. I dont understand how you can get that far at project runway and dont know what grain is. I would expect that from the girl who has only been sewing for 3 months. I will say this project runway seems to have a mixture of talent which makes it good and intresting.

I think they need to partner Bert with grain guy- they both seem obsessed with schooling and terminology. Sometimes you don't know the name of something but stil know how to do it!
I love this idea, they would both melt into a pile of words! They kind of deserve each other!
What I have noticed from past episodes, if anyone blames themselves for screwing up a group project and say they should go the judges always boot them. It seems to be the invitation the judges always go for, so "no grain" should not have said she should be booted...if she hoped to stay.

Oh I forgot about the Colorado woman that made the zigzag pants...I think she will move to the top of the exit list, she has that snowboard thing going on which doesn't seem like it's sustainable for this show.

I agree, it's hard to believe you wouldn't know what grain is since all patterns refer to grain, so maybe she was just flustered and couldn't stand the pressure. I went back to the first episode when they were all trying to get on the show and her rack of clothes and the outfit she wore (made by her) was pretty outstanding.

I agree there seems to be a variety of talent which makes it so much more fun!

I'm a little fed up with all these crazy challenges.  First the sleep wear challenge,  then the pet store challenge and then the crazy stilts!  Phew...  I know that historically challenges have centered on creating clothing using unexpected and unique fabrication... but eeeee!  lets get to some pretty!!!  We should put our heads together and send PR some ideas!! I've got a thing about dresses.  I'd love to see a wedding dress design challenge or evening wear glam. 

Just a thought.  Oh... and I don't even have a favorite designer yet and usually by the 3rd episode I do.  Anyone have one particular designer they are cheering for?

Good point Susan, hopefully this week's challenge will be more on normal side of outrageous!

I'm not cheering for anyone yet, they all seem a bit bratty...actually maybe Ms. 4 months...naw, there is something not right there!


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