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Okay this has nothing to do with a sewing challenge here at Sew Weekly but seriously Season 9 of Project Runway started on Thursday and not a peep from anyone...really?! What about the woman that has only been sewing for only 4months, or the guy that claims to be 100 (okay he was joking)?!

Personally I don't watch much TV although I hear the lycra men of Tour de France are worth watching...but I'm a junkie for Project Runway. Anyone else??? What did you think...?

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I agree with all of your points, and all I have to say is 'Uuuuuggggghhhhhhhh'


I'm not really excited to see any of their final collections... but of course, I'll still watch it. ;)

Pretty much agree with...everything you said. I usually like Anya's stuff. The only one I even kind of liked was Joshua...the bully. Weird! Is all that I can say!

I still get the strong feling that if Anya doesn't put you into her design herslef, you will need a map and a compass to get into them.

Kimberly let her street inspiration effect her taste level too much, but I like the general ideas of her looks.  I didn't think Viktor ws getting that jacket off the Klum!

I'm glad this season is coming to an end too, but you know I'm going to watch the last episode for no other reason then amusement! This has not been the best group but I'm still impressed that these individuals can make a pattern out of thin air, and construct cloth and actually make a garment, not necessarily wearable!

It's fun if nothing else!
 I agree.. totally fun.. And addictive---- I must see the final show...
I will have to watch too- altho I just know it's going to make me scream!
And it's over (yay). I kind of wanted to say "make it stop, it's killing me" (and maybe I was addicted and couldn't step away)!

I was a little surprises and again I wasn't. The whole final runway left me thinking "what happened?". One thing is for sure, Viktor shouldn't wear makeup! And did you catch Jay (from a previous season) comment on Josh's collection and then say he didn't like his personality! Wowza!

What did you think? Will you watch next season? Personally I'm a little tired of it...

I just finished watching the finale....and I was a bit surprised that Josh came 2nd.  Yuck collection.  Victor should have been 1sr (or 2nd at least).  Those ivory trousers and blouse in Kimberly's collection absolutely blew me away!  I would wear anything and everything in Anya's collection, even though I had a deep down feeling that it was unfair of this beauty queen to waltz in with little training and win; however, she has great style and will undoubtedly market well.


Project Runway All Stars stars November 3rd though Cathe...... ;)

Do you remember Ulie (I'm completely mangling the spelling of her name) from an earlier season. She was German living in Miami and had the same vibe as Anya but much more experience. She didn't win because she was too much of a one trick pony. This group was so different especially their skill level. The fact that they gave each designer $500 dollars to spend however they wanted to, to up their game says a lot. Vickie I agree with you on Anya but at least she has great style and truly appears to be a very caring person made it better. I was not a fan of Josh or Viktor, but Viktor was so capable, not sure what went wrong there.

You know I'll be watch on the 3rd!
Cathe.. help me to remember the 3rd.. I will forget...and I dont want to forget..ha. I am hooked!!!=== and its all your[For real..thanks for  getting me to watch it. I have enjoyed it...even though I know its  so dumb.]
omgggggg i was thinking the same thing as i was watching anya collection.


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