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Okay this has nothing to do with a sewing challenge here at Sew Weekly but seriously Season 9 of Project Runway started on Thursday and not a peep from anyone...really?! What about the woman that has only been sewing for only 4months, or the guy that claims to be 100 (okay he was joking)?!

Personally I don't watch much TV although I hear the lycra men of Tour de France are worth watching...but I'm a junkie for Project Runway. Anyone else??? What did you think...?

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Unfortunately my model is a surly old hag that can't get her lazy bum out of bed most mornings, completely worthless. And as for style, she appears to only have one pair of pants! Talk about a lack of style...she's going to get the big boot for sure!

Glad you had so much fun with project runway. We must be one episode ahead of you...more Bert coming your way, he appears to be a bitter old queen, as pointed out by LadyKatza!

Burt is not a happy person and should go home if he cant work w/people. Ibelieve the right person was sent home she seemed to be the doughty one. I thouwhaght the designers didnt think out of the box for this challenge no imagination.

I think Josh is a d*ck.  Bert is just sour, but Josh is a bully.  Becky had the same problem of being too nice and not standing up to the others.

Josh is horrible…then he goes and calls his dad to cry on his shoulder! I agree, he is a big bully and that dumb blonde girl just eats it up!


Bert is really sour but at least he behaved. I'm sure his day is coming soon if he can't become more of a modern designer.


What will happen next??? So much fun!

Becky isn't exactly being given any room to bloom, is she?  I'm glad this thread had been resurrected- I'm thinking that this week with Husbands and boyfriends helping design could give us lots to talk about. 

Does anyones husband/boyfriend get your style right?  

That challenge would have been a nightmare for me. My husband has no idea of my style! He gets it when he see it, but he's totally that guy - when we go shopping - that'll say 'what do you think about this?' to something that would never, ever live in my closet.


What'd you think of this week? I think Oliver needs to get it together. I understand his clients were a pain but...

I agree Oliver seemed really immature although his client was way too intense. The guy with the boob fixation was horrible, really a pig. How about the woman that wanted to look like Barbie?!! I did love Josh's dress, actually all three outfits that made it to the top were lovely.

I think my husband could figure out my style...

I think my hausband would have been ok, except colorwise- he likes me inm blue and I like to look like I have a functioning liver. But he picks out patterns and points people out to me alot. I think he'd be ok.

Amazed at that guy contstantly references his wifes chest- ok, we get it, you like them! 

dont you think oliver is more boring than bert. I dont think Bert shouldve been in the bottom but i do think that kimono inspired dress shouldnt been in the top

They just keep marvelling at anythign Anya gives them- the kimono didn't bring anything new to the table. Olivers was major beige, but it had some fascinating details in the top.

The red,white and black thing was like an old stewardess outfit...

Do you remember the season that Gretchen won over Daniel and Mondo…she won because she could make ready to wear…Michael Kor speaks out of both sides of his mouth.


Ah, the red, white and black dress, ugh…they were such a nice couple too, but such an ugly dress, how that was suppose to look vintage. To your point "stewardess", the wrong type of vintage.


Oliver's personality pains me and yes he can be pretty boring!

I hate when they do it on reality shows, but I always felt that Gretchen was there for her drama capabilities- not her skills.

I think of  bad Vintage as 'Brady Vintage' .....


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