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Okay this has nothing to do with a sewing challenge here at Sew Weekly but seriously Season 9 of Project Runway started on Thursday and not a peep from anyone...really?! What about the woman that has only been sewing for only 4months, or the guy that claims to be 100 (okay he was joking)?!

Personally I don't watch much TV although I hear the lycra men of Tour de France are worth watching...but I'm a junkie for Project Runway. Anyone else??? What did you think...?

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I adore Project Runway! Although I was rather disappointed to learn that so many of the contestants already sewed professionally (and some rather successfully too!).  Oh, well, I'm going to keep watching anyways.
Okay, what did everyone think of week 2 project runway?  The fella that took 2nd place was my first choice.  I am so hooked on the show and have been for the last 5 seasons!!  I wish they would give more viewing time to the designing  and construction of the challenges and less to the snarky behaviors of the contestants.  But... I guess snarky snags viewers.
I agree!  That birdseed neckline was amazing!  The dress that won, while interesting, looked too big on the model - like the scale was off.  But I guess that's okay in fashion?  I trust Michael and Nina know what their talking about...

For those of you outside of US / Canada, you can watch episodes of PR USA, PR Australia and even the old PR Canada on  I used to download episodes, but just discovered this site. 

I haven't watched episode 2 yet, so no spoilers please! ;)

Vicki, don't read this until you have watched the second episode...

I'm with all of you, no surprise. Anthony or Oliver were the most likely winners and for me both of their outfits had good and bad qualities. Bert was terrible and so disappointing! What happened to the ladies, no stand outs. One thing on Ms. 4 months (Anya) she knows how to style a model! And by all means don't put hamster bedding on your model's eyebrows!

Okay that was really fun, I'm looking forward to next week!
I agree with you Cathe, I think the lady who say she's only been sewing for 4 months is a fraud.  Those bedsheet pants were perfect.  Who does that?  I smell scandal.  I also think Bert is going to be a jerk but I hope he proves me wrong since he started out as an underdog at casting.   Love Project Runway.
Tia I was so disappointed in Bert this week, he was lame and took advantage of his immunity. I think you might be wrong!

Yes there is a scandal for's television, there has got to be some drama!
Cathe.. I forgot all about it Thursday night.. But I am definitely going to try and remember this week.. The curiosity is killing me about this lady who has only been sewing for 4 months??????/ lol.

I hope that bert doesn't turn out to be one of those 'I can't create from non-traditional  materials, I'm a DESIGNER!' people that are such stick in the muds- they are no fun!

That birdseed dress was amazing- she looked utterly peckable!

Must jump in on this discussion!  I've seen every episode since season 1, lol.  

I really liked Birdseed guy (can't remember name).  Not so much the guy that won-Oliver, I think..  Something about him strikes me as phoney (he's American, lived here til 16 and now has an English/Italian accent at 22?? Part of his persona I guess).  Anywho.  Notice how the judges didn't rail him for using a something like fabric-i.e.-the dog bed.  


And I didn't think I would, but I kinda like Anya, the 4 month sewing gal.  Her background is as a stylist and graphic design, you can tell she has an eye.  


Time will tell I guess, can't wait to see more!

I totally agree w/cathe there is not way the girl who has been sewing for 3 months can pull off what she has been doing for the last 2 challenges something is up . Burt seem to be arrogant

Such a good point, I couldn't put my finger on why Oliver bugged me, it's his accent…he's really working it…oh yes it's his persona!


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