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I don't know if any of you are crazy Project Runway fans like me, but my sister just sent me this link:


If you aren't in Australia, you can always download the episodes.  Not that I would ever do this myself or endorse such an action.... but.... you know.... some people do.  ;)

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Im such a fan of this program. I watch the US and UK version !
Oh no, I would never watch Project Runway, especially not 3-4 episodes back-to-back...oh never!

Thanks for the link! I feel a little giddy, I have been feeling so deprived!
Yeah, I've been known to download whole seasons of PR US, UK, Australia or Canada and go on a bender.  I may have to re-watch the Aussie episodes in prep. for the new season.
You know, I've never seen this show, seriously!  I think I've been missing out ...
It's pretty entertaining and sometimes inspirational!
Me either... I tell you ...I think I deprive myself.hahahha.. I must try and catch it sometimes.ha
I'm totally a fan of project runway!!! :) US, UK and Canada! I'll try to watch the AU version! :)
I <3 Project Runway! :) Thanks for sharing!


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