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Is anyone going to watch this tonight?  I know we were disappointed with the last season but I know what some of these designers can do.  Just hope the challenges are good. 

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I'm totally with you but thinking back on both of these ladies, Nila was really creative and Jordanna was very technical. I don't know how much the past weighs in on the decisions but that made it a little easier to understand the judges point of view.

Austin is my favorite too and I would have cried if he got the boot!

I too thought Nila should have gone home.  That was not a Ms. Piggy-worthy cocktail dress.  I didn't even think it was a cocktail dress. 

And last week I thought Sweet Pea was robbed. 

I'm still trying to adjust to the new host and judges.  I tune out when they come on.

What did you guys think of this last week? I thought there were much worst looks than Anthony's!

I missed last week's episode  but I thought Austin (please shave your mustache) should have gone home this week.  The judges kept saying how beautifully tailored his pants were and I kept thinking what a mess they were.  The crotch was baggy and the leg was tight.  They were weird. 

I'm missing the judges and Tim.

I have not watched this week yet. It is on my DVR for the weekend.

I have seen that style of pants recently in a lot of fashion magazines. I actually liked Austin's look. I would not have worn the pants but I really liked the shirt.The guy that was sent home should have been mortified at his craftsmanship on that shirt. He could honestly send someone down the runway with a shirt that looked like that??

I could not stand the onezie that "Katy Perry" (I cant remember her real name) made. The dots were horrible! You are on Project Runway- do NOT make that mistake! Plus, I am getting sick of seeing the same collar/bodice on all of her stuff *yawn*

I agree, I think Austin is spot on with his look and the trend.

I think her name is Kenly, this is the same stuff she made when she was originally on the show and it's so ho-hum. Did you catch what she said to Mondo after the judges took him to pieces? She has no verbal grace at all. I also loved Mondo's outfit, to me it was beautifully executed and joyful to look at.

Yes the guy that got the boot deserved to get it.

She said something to Mondo? What did she say? When she was in the original PR she would say off the collar comments and would start giggling when the judges would rip apart someone. I do not like her pieces. I appreciate she tries to add a vintage flair but it seems to me she only knows how to do the same 3 necklines. And she surely does not know how to match prints!

I too really liked Mondo's outfit. I think she looked like a Barbie. I agree some of the accessories were a little garish BUT that was his spin on the "vintage" look. I really liked the shorts and did not see the issue with them. The shorts were bettered matched than Kenly's.

Ok I can not believe Mila got sent home. I was impressed with her dress. I thought Derrell's dress looked plain awful. Something a doll would wear at the UN gift shop! Plus the details were poorly applied.


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