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Awhile back, there were all sorts of meet-ups going on all over the place. A pattern swap always seems to be part of these meet-ups. I've never been invited to one, but I'm thinking, if people were interested, we could do an internet pattern swap!  As such, I'm thinking about hosting a pattern swap on my blog sometime in May (maybe for my birthday). I have a couple of questions to throw out there to help me prepare.

This could either be done as a blind swap, or as a matched-up swap. This is how I currently see these two scenarios playing out:


Each person participating could send me their name and description of the pattern they'd like to swap. Participants would post to their blogs a little blurb that they're participating and post a picture of the pattern. I would then match people by pulling names out of a hat and you mail your pattern off to whomever you're matched with. This does not mean that you would be receiving a pattern from the same person (i.e. Mary sends a pattern to Beth, who in turn is matched with Kate). There's no gaurantee that you'll get a pattern you like/want/can use. Admittedly, this is the easier of the two methods. 


This version involves a bit more organization and information. I could match up people based on pattern size. Each participant would send me their name, pattern size they're swapping, pattern size they'd like to receive (I say swap/receive because some may have too-small patterns they'd like to set free into the world in exchange for a pattern that may fit better). Post a blurb on your blog saying you're participating, etc. You wouldn't necessarily be paired with the person whom you are sending/receiving a pattern to/from. 

In this version, there's potential to maybe submit your top 3-5 pattern choices in the hopes of getting  a pattern you want/have been eyeballing. There's also potential that someone's pattern goes un-loved... which could lead to icky feelings. 

So here's my questions:

  1. Is anybody interested?
  2. Thoughts on which version--blind or matched-up swap--would work better? 
  3. Thoughts on how to finesse the process?

Thanks ladies. Happy sewing! 

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Kat in NZ ran a swap last year.  I sent a pattern to Debbie in Scotland.  Charlotte sent me one from the UK - it was lots of fun.  Everyone shared photos of what they received in the post.

Kat just matched up according to our interest and whether we were able to grade sizes or whether we needed exact sizes.  I would love to be involved in another one if you care to organize.  Thanks!


if you look back  at how Kat ran it, we each got given the name, address and size of the person we were sending to and then had a snoop at their profile etc and sent them something we thought they would like. Kat used a randomiser (!) to let you know who to send to. If you signed up you were saying you were prepared to send anywhere and if needed to buy a lovely pattern to send. We had to post by a certain date. It was great fun thinking up what to send and then waiting to see what arrived and who from, which was a surprise.


I just like sending things to bloggers through the mail... It makes the internet real.. So I'd be down for either.  Blind is kind of fun.

Vintage patterns?  Or..?  Maybe some kind of criteria would be good.. But otherwise, I say go blind.  It's easier and there's a distinct tang of unpredictability... A little anticipation... :)

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Kat from NZ--I looked up her post from last year and think she organized it really well. It's half blind/half matched (sorta). I might open this up beyond The Sew Weekly, however, as I have some blogging friends that may be interested as well who aren't part of The Sew Weekly. Would that be okay with people interested in participating? 

I would think so.. It's your show.  :)

I would love to join in  the swap fun. I did the one last year and it was so much fun.

I have never taken part in anything before and think this may be a good place to start having hundreds of patterns I could swap.  I don't mind either way as I am happy to play along with the majority.

Oooh, I'd be interested, however it's run.

I would definitely be interested in this as well!

sounds like fun to me! I just got a huge box of vintage patterns and would be happy to send a couple to a better-suited home :)

Ooh this sounds like fun! I got some vintage patterns from my Aunt last month and they aren't all for me, but I hope that someone out there would give them some love! But.. they have been cut, is this ok? Excellent condition though, and I'd never dream of sending an incomplete one.

It'd be nice if we could get something we were interested in from someone completely random - I'd be bummed if I sent away one of my gorgeous 60's swing dress patterns and got some vile 80's thing, you know what I mean? ( I understand that some people could love 80's style, but it's just not becoming of my figure or taste)

I totally understand that! I was thinking of adding a "Likes/Dislikes" to the very small list of items I'd ask each participant to send me. 


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