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I need some advice badly.  I want to start sewing thin fabric like those chiffon, sheer see through kind.  But don't know what thread to use.  I ordered a size 8 needle already, but the thread I have seems too thick for it and it puckers.


Please help.

What type of thread do I need?  There are so many kind and I have no idea what to get.  Maybe a thin kind, but which one is thin?

Polyester?  Spun poly?  I have no clue.  Usually I just buy whatever color matches the fabric ...





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I hope my advice works and my bad english won't scare you :)

When I sew chiffon I always use normal polyester tread, and remember -- put the same colour in "upper" and "down" thread (oh my, I don't know how this is called... a bobbin?) - it'll show through fabric.

Take as thin needle as you can, but more importantly check if it' s sharp, as it's even more important than having a thin needle.

And one more trick thank saved my life with chiffon - when you sew or pin make it throught a newspaper, the thinner you got the better. It'll easily tear when you finish and your throat plate (is this how it's called?) won't pull out the the fabric.

Hope this help :) 

I agree with Anna about the thin paper, that might help. But have you checked your tension? Experiment with a few strips before sewing your garment. 

Regular thread should work, but I find that Gutterman's Silk thread is thinner than cottons and polys. I've never worked with another brand's silk thread to tell you if those are thinner.

I just use ordinary polyester thread but use a slightly longer stitch length, tissue paper under your stitching line stops any jams from the fine fabric into the feed dog, a new sharp needle is essential,,also allow the fabric to feed naturally into the machine hold flat but not taught. Good luck it's always daunting trying new fabrics


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