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I have a dress just like this, but after I had my baby, my body grew and I can't fit into it any more.  I still keep it hoping I can wear it one day but I guess not since my hip grew bigger. 


Please help me find a pattern for this dress.

THank you


 Actually, mine was similar to this one, no button on the skirt, but with short sleeves



And why are clothes on modcloth so expensive ??? I didn't know this site until recently.

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Hi Lily! That dress looks like a pretty basic shirt dress with a pleated skirt. I don't know of any exact replicas, but almost every pattern company has a version of the shirt dress. Simplicity 1880 is one option, you would just make it in a heavier fabric than suggested and make sure to fit it a little more snugly (possibly turn those bodice pleats into darts). McCall's 4769 is another option. You could also try Vogue 8785, which has princess seams instead of darts in the bodice, and gathers in the skirt that could easily be converted to inverted pleats. I also get a lot of my patterns from Etsy, and for this, I would just search under "Supplies" for "shirt dress pattern." I did a short search for you and came up with these three vintage patterns: Simplicity 1199, Advance 8436, and Advance 9621. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you buy vintage patterns according to the bust measurement, not the size, because vintage sizes are waaaay different than modern sizes (and the bust measurement should be taken at the high bust if you have a cup size larger than a B).


It's always easy to shorten or lengthen a skirt or sleeves. Some of the patterns I suggested  have buttons all the way to the skirt hem, but it would be easy to just leave off the button placket and sew the center front seam. If you're in love with the pleats in that Backyard Feast dress, you can slash and spread the skirt of the pattern you choose and insert inverted pleats. Burdastyle has a tutorial on how to do inverted box pleats.


I hope this was helpful!

never been to etsy website but I'll try it.

Thank you .


I found this dress exactly like the one I have at home, just different color.




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