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Any idea where I can find a pattern for a jacket this fabulous?

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Look into late Victorian era patterns or maybe even steampunk-themed ones.

I agree - I feel like I've seen similar jackets in the steampunk selection of Halloween catalogs.  I'd check Simplicity, etc in their costume section.  They may not have them right now, but in a couple of months...


This link above seems like a step in that direction but it doesn't have the double-breasted front.  I checked McCalls and Butterick's online but their selection was a little limited right now.

I was thinking along the lines of LaughingMoon 1890s sporting costume which only needs lengthening and minor tweaks, or TrulyVictorian's riding habit bodice which would also need lengthening.


I have that Simplicity pattern specifically for the coat ;-) although for an interesting jacket tail I also have Butterick 4929 (also single-breasted - I don't think double-breasted looks good on me).

oh these are great resources! Thanks so much!

YW  :)

Perhaps frankenpattern this Mccalls with something with sleeves?

Oh such good ideas! Thank you all!

Let me add another:

Vogue pattern #8601 has the same basic princess seams in the body and includes a waistline seam.  It is not double breasted however, so you would have to add that onto the front pattern piece:


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