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I got a little carried away buying this fabric and now I don't know what to do with it! After shipping costs and customs charges it was really expensive but I think its super cute and too scared to commit to cutting something out.

Originally brought (online) with intention to make a simple blouse but its much heavier than anticipated, more like canvas.

I only have a 1 yard, any ideas? I was thinking maybe using it in a dress with contrasting skirt or top, or some sort of structured top. It's a nice bright blue.

Any idea would be great, I'm completely stuck!

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Could you make a tote bag with it?

Yeah I think I'm going to go with a bag...I really wanted something wearable! But I think a bag is probably the best...thanks!

I reckon it would look great as some kind of travel bag, if that's not too obvious!

What about a pencil skirt or short a-line skirt?  It would probably depend on how wide the fabric is.


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