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We've got a thread for fabric finds, so here's one for pattern finds!

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you definitely have a coat in you to make - no worries there.

Great find..30 cents..yea'


 I have never made a coat, and have no DESIRE too..ha..I think, I will just buy one. However, on the colette palette  challenge, a girl did a rain coat out of rain proof fabric, and it was soooooo cute.. I really would like to try that..But, the girl said, you had to do this,and that, and by the time she got through explaining all the problems of sewing it..I decided......Nope..I will just buy a rain coat too.ha

Ah Judy I'm in your camp. I'd have to wrap my brain around a coat...not today! I think I have too many limitations. Although a raincoat sounds like fun!
These two patterns are great, quite the score!

When I can buy patterns (not now because of my pledge), my go-to sellers are on Etsy.  These ones have great selection, great prices, great service, and worldwide shipping:


Bouffant Coiffures

Finicky Finds

Highland Lake Cottage

Oh Sew Charming


Vintage Core Patterns


Unfortunately, I don't have too much luck in my local thrift shops.  :(

Time to kick this thread back to life, don't you think ladies? I just got an early visit from Pattern Santa (or, well, I paid for these by myself but it sure feels like Christmas) and these amazing darlings just came in the mail.


The McCall is from 1949 and the Vogue Special Designer is from 1943 or 1944. It's really really hard to find old wonderful patterns like these here in Sweden so I'm super super exited! Oh, and: they're in my size!! 

wow and double wow - I'll have to dig a little further in the local op shops. They're pretty good on fabric but I've never found any patterns such as these.

Just bought this yesterday at the hospital thrift store:

what a find - pays to support your local charity shops.


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