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We've got a thread for fabric finds, so here's one for pattern finds!

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Oh Charolette.. I am SO happy for you.. I dont know anyone ,I think deserves such a lovely and nice gift.And the book ..know your so happy to get it. I bought one like it on Ebay.. I love it.

  Will go and look at your pictures.. [Know I will be a little jealous,ha]..Cant wait to see what you use first.. Judy

Judy, your comments are always so lovely and really hit the mark. Charlotte is lovely and deserves this fabulous windfall! :)

WAAAHHHHH!! Good golly!! What an amazing gift from an amazing lady. Grading is dead easy using the slash and spread method.


Personally, I would bake her cookies as a thank you.  I'm sure she is thrilled to bits that you will love and use the patterns.  :)

Oh my...this is amazing. I feel giddy for you! I think you have to just jump in!

Thanks Kat and Charlotte for your support - I have not sewn very many successful garments so I am feeling very overwhelmed but inspired. I have made about 3 skirts for myself, of which one I actually wear. (I have made a couple of skirts and a pinafore for my daughter though!) So I think it is lovely to have this forum to share the experience on.


OK, for this week I am going to try to make my first ever blouse with a pattern from Marjorie's stash. I have chosen this pattern because it has the words "quick and easy" on it, ha ha ha


You will have spotted it's in quite a small size so I have tried to grade up the pattern PLUS I have made a muslin! I am putting photos on my blog but I am too ashamed to put them here because I am in my pyjamas in them ;0)


Will you be using your vintage patterns this week Kat?


Charlotte, I agree about ebay, quite expensive, I think you are in the UK too so we are probably bidding against each other! x


ooohhhh! I love this pattern! What a great score!

Gorgeous!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this pattern - it's stunning!  :-)


I've just used the first-ever vintage pattern I got for this week's challenge.  It's actually a re-released Butterick one, so lacking the awesomeness factor of having been from the original decade, sadly.  Despite it being the first vintage pattern I ever bought, I'd never used it before this weekend, so the stash-buster challenge was a perfect excuse!

I've just seen your photo of this week's stashbusting dress Kat - it's fabulous, you are very talented! I like the colour too. You were very quick off the mark again this week.....


This pattern I am trying is has no printing on it which is a bit of a shock, does anyone know how to date patterns? When printing became the norm on patterns?



I've just found this thread - gosh Charlotte, how will you choose which to make next?  That was an amazing find.  I'm still keeping my eyes peeled in charity shops.  I've had the wrapover dress (pictured) out of the packet and discovered that this is an unprinted one too.  I came across some notes on the web about  how to deal with these the other day.  Will see if I can find them again ... 

All the patterns are too small for me Diane so at the moment I have only used one! It was my blouse from a couple of weeks ago. Until I try a bit harder at WeightWatchers I'll have to stick to plus sizes - or work out how to size them up  a bit better!


By the way when you are in the charity shop ask them if they have patterns - I have found a couple recently that they had kept in a cupboard because "no-one asks for them", lol.


I am picking up "a black bag full of textiles" from a freecycler this weekend - could be rubbish but could be good. Have you tried freecycle where you are?

i have tried free cycle along with everyone else in Devon ! Boot fairs have been my best bet so far.

Unprinted patterns can be tricky.  I think (guessing here) that by 1952-ish, they started making all patterns printed.  I love fashions from 1954-1962 and it's only rarely that I see an unprinted one from 1954. 


Vintage Pattern Wiki is one of my favourite resources.  I think our Fearless Leader Mena has experience dating patterns.


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