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We've got a thread for fabric finds, so here's one for pattern finds!

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This is a beautiful pattern and will be fun to sew.  You don't have to set in the sleeves (yay!), which is great.  I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal!
This is for everybody who lives in Paris, France. You can buy COLETTE PATTERNS  directly from LIL WEASEL a cute little shop in the 2nd arrondissement - 1 passage du Grand Cerf. Closest métro is Etienne Marcel. I couldn't believe my luck. At least no waiting for the delivery man...
For anyone in the UK, the Daily Mail newspaper are today offering a free Vintage Vogue Dress Pattern worth around £16. All you have to do is send in the coupon and about a £1 postage.
ooohhh fab find! Thanks for the heads up!

I'm off to the newsagents now!

Sometimes the Daily Mail really gets it right, don't they? LOL! (I'm a PA for a professional dancer in the UK and the Daily Mail tends to be one of the nicer ones ;P)
Glad to help! Just to let you know, it'll take a while to arrive but it will - they did a similar offer some time ago and I forgot all about it but a couple of weeks ago, I wondered what this strange packet was behind the door and there was my pattern!
I found this 1960 "Vogue Paris Original (Jacques Heim)" pattern at an Adelaide market on the weekend - I love it! It cost me $7 and doing some google searching when I got home I've seen it on some vintage websites for $75! Apologies for the terrible mobile phone photo - I still don't own a camera!

I can't wait to see this made up - isn't it gorgeous!  What a gret find.

omg what a find, well done you
wow, it really is perfect! I can't wait to see it as a garment, lovely!


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