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We've got a thread for fabric finds, so here's one for pattern finds!

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Oh ,what a find..Cant wait to see it made up.. Judy

I found this wee pattern online the other day - not sure when it's from (no date - argh!) but I'm guessing 40's/50's.  It's not a branded pattern, so I can't figure out how I can pinpoint the exact date, sadly!  Looks like it's a summer school uniform pattern - apparently it was from Auckland Girls Grammer School, according to the person selling it.


I'm looking forward to making it up - I think it'll be great as a pinafore dress for winter!  :-)


I was also a bit naughty the other day when I went past my local fabric store (it's too close to where I work - I walk past it at least once a day, which is very dangerous for my budget and no-new-fabric New Years Resolution!) - they had all Vogue patterns at $12 each!  (Which is quite a bargain since the vintage Vogue styles are usually around $33 over here!)


So I splashed out and bought these four.  :-)


I've had my eye on a couple of these for a while, so pretty happy I now have them.  I'm especially looking forward to trying that yellow blouse on the 1930's pattern - it'll be the first 1930's garment I'll have made!

Wow Kat these are great - I'm looking forward to seeing them made up.  I have been looking at a couple of these as well - think I will have to buy them next time they are on sale.  I really love the bottom left dress.
Lincraft also had Vogue and Simplicity on half price over the weekend and I was looking at these very patterns - although I bought V1043 instead and a few Simplicity separates instead.
Kat, I love all of them... Can't wait to see what you make out of them.. Have fun..
Incredible score. which one will you start with? Thanks for sharing, I'm completely living through your finds!
I've got that bottom right one one its way in the post - it was one on sale in a newspaper here - I'm aiming to fit in it before the year's out!
me too... Dieting in Mississippi too..sure is yuky ,isnt it???? ha
Sure is!  At lunchtime, I keep hitting the salad bar at work instead of chips!  A very hard thing to do ...
Sorry, bottom LEFT one!


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