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We've got a thread for fabric finds, so here's one for pattern finds!

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I can get lost in sew weekly and as I was digging around I *found* or stumbled upon this lovely blog:
The author is big on estate sales and came across the cutest pattern, she shares the details in her blog and the end result. It's really charming.

When it finally warms up here, sans snow, I plan to start looking into estate sales! Now I'm really inspired! I love what all of you share here, it looks so fun! Makes me want to get out there and discover the past!

Thanks for sharing Cathe, I enjoyed the blog..

 I agree weekly challenge has been so great for me..The fun, the giggles, the troubles of sewing, the discouragement that we all feel from time to time in our sewing world, and all the wonderful treasures we find and share with each other.Mena  and her encourgement that she takes of her time and made this possiable for us. I would like to say a "special thankyou to Mena.'

Yes, I'll add to that.  It's amazing how many people I'm getting to know all over the place within the space of just a few weeks.  Plus the 'get together' at the V&A.  Who would have thought it?

I'm googling estate sales in my area now! My daughter loves to thrift and this would be so much fun for us to do together. :)


I really, really love The Sew Weekly.  It's the community I've been looking for.  No one else understands the excitement of finding a vintage pattern for a song or gets excited over pin dot fabrics! LOL!

I went to a thrift shop today and found a stack of patterns for 30 cents each. When thrift shopping I don't discriminate very well when it comes to pre-1970s patterns - usually, I'll buy it whether I think I'll ever use it or not! Here are two I bought purely for the novelty factor. Check out the massively out of proportion wrench on the cover of the men's shirt pattern! Why is it there and why is it so big? And probably one of the most bizarre patterns I've ever bought (remember: 30 cents!) - something claiming to be "yo yo and cascade smocked pincushions and table decorations". For some reason, it's still factory folded...

tee hee - does the other man have wrench envy???????


goodness knows what the table decoration pattern looks like, it's quite hard to figure out what it going on there ;0)

These are AWESOME! ha! I love the oversized wrench....and the table decorations are also very interesting! Is it made out of foam (the fruit in the plants) or all of those smocked?

All I can say ,is.... I guess this is what you would call a "dressed up plumber"..[However ,he is mighty clean to be a plumber,mechanic, or what ever he is.hhahaha].  I can't imagine having to tote that big wrench around all day.. HA

   and the fruit...........uuuup... I dont know???????// I 'm anxious to see if you end up trying to make the fruit or the flowers..would be something to see, I bet.hahaha

Hey - I know what that huge wrench is for! Working on steam engines, my dad has one just like it back home! Those things are heavy I tell you! Hah, finally I have some use of growing up in a home where everyone has an odd interest or three!

These are another two super bargains I scored for 30 cents each. I'm not sure what's going on with the "hat" on the cover of the special designs pattern though! I bought these with my future dream in mind of maybe one day being able to make a coat...

really cute! I have future plans for coats too, this is hilarious as I can't manage a skirt properly yet ;0)
But, I  have faith in you.. .and I see in both your futures ....a really pretty coat..


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