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We've got a thread for fabric finds, so here's one for pattern finds!

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I've been discovering vintage patterns on TradeMe (New Zealand version of eBay) lately, and grabbing a few cute ones as they come up!  Lots of fun, and I'm so looking forward to making them up!  Here's some of what I've added to my collection lately:


LOVE the Academy patterns--I've never heard of this pattern brand!  Great finds! I need to add more 50's and 60's patterns to my mix!
I'm not sure, but I think the Academy brand was New Zealand-only.  (Or maybe Australia and NZ only?)  I've never seen them younger than the 50's, anyway, so I think they stopped making them quite a long time ago, sadly!
I really like the horizontal striped Academy one....
Great finds..Love the patterns,Judy
haven't you done well! As much as it is lovely to get new patterns there is something exciting in that little find that cost you half the price.

This isn't a pattern really but I just have to share, I'm so excited. I occasionally get things from my local freecycle group and today I met a lovely lady called Marjorie who gave me a large shoe box sized stash of interfacing that she had collected over the years. I had told her on the phone that I was a bit clueless when it came to sewing, but keen as mustard. So she gave me this to help me:


It dates from 1947 and Marjorie told me that although it was old she always referred to it herself when she was stuck. A lovely gift from a lovely lady. I hope I do it justice. I shall think of Marjorie when I refer to it.


Fantastic!  That was so lovely of her.  :-)
Wow!! What a marvellous lady!

I'm so excited I don't know where to start,  (I hope you see this Kat!)  you remember Marjorie, the lovely lady from freecycle who gave me the lovely 1947 sewing guide? Well, she emailed me again to ask if I could use any of her old patterns (short answer, omg yes). I had let her know how grateful I was for the book and she said she had found some patterns in her shed. Anyway, I have collected them today. This is what she gave me:


There were 42, yes, 42 patterns dating from 1952 (the earliest she remembered, she made a dress for the coronation year and that was 60 years ago next year) onwards and all marked in shillings and pence so before 1971 when we had decimalisation in the UK. Unfortunately quite a few are for a 34 inch bust so I have had to look up how to grade patterns for a larger size.


Btw Does anyone know if this is possible or too difficult for a beginner?????


The only thing is that some of the patterns are Vogue, some old, so now I am wondering if I should have offered to pay for them. I didn't realise she would give me so many. I gave her some daffodils but it hardly seems adequate. Ididn't want to insult her but it was so generous. 


Anyway, I am thrilled beyond words. Lucky lucky lucky day. I am going to put photos of all 42 on my blog, 

Please look if you want to but be aware I am slightly embarrassed by it compared to the efforts of the talented people here ...


OMG I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!  What a fantastically lovely lady!  (And what an awesome score on your part!  ;-)


I'm looking forward to seeing them all on your blog (and being green with envy as I look at them all as well, haha!)


Only now you have the hardest question - which one will you start with?!

this looks fantastic ! How amazing to get your hands on all these patterns, I find looking on ebay hard as they all cost so much, anything labelled vintage goes up in price. What a good idea on using free cycle. 


The scary thing is though you now have piles of sewing to do, how will you fit in the time to do anything else!!


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