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In March I went to Barcelona and came back with (among other sewing related stuff,) two Patrones magazines. I was flicking through and found a great pair of paper bag shorts. I've started to trace them but cutting a Euro 48 (A UK 20!? Shocked Face) I've measured and the waist is almost 10inches smaller than my own! 

This seems like a huge amount considering I usually make a 16 in my patterns and this is apparently equal to a UK 20.

Anyone have any advice for using Patrones? I've never had such a huge difference on a Burda even without the seam allowance.

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Yes. Patrones magazine has a sizing that isn´t  normal, for example, I use a European  size 40 (I'm Spanish) I even took the Burda size 40, but when I use Patrones  magazine I have to use size 44, my advice is that you measure the pattern and get the size that corresponds to your measures, regardless of the number of size that tells the magazine.


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