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 I know that many of us having sewing blogs. I myself have I have noticed that my sewing blogs are well recieved but this is not all I have to offer and I would like to expand my friendship in other ways. Therefore I have been truley taken over by blogger life!!! I have aterted a blog thet embraces all family lives.  Please feel free to come  and have a look. Also what other interests do you have and do you also have 'other' blogs.


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Oh, I love your blog--it's very inspirational!  You must work very hard.  :)
I blog over at Some Things I Have Made:  It's mostly sewing, but sometimes also pie and feminism--my three favorite things.
very cool blog, I'm now a follower, it will be lovely to stay in touch x x x

Well, I took the plunge.....




Welcome to the world of blogging! Great job on the blog so far and the Blossom pic was pretty awesome. 


I don't know how difficult it is to add an RSS feed button to your blog on Wordpress, but if you can, I know a lot of people like to follow that way as well.  I prefer it to email as it just automatically updates to my blog folders, but that's just my preference. :)

I have so much to learn! Thanks for the encouragement!

I have a sewing/crafty blog on Blogger - my preferred blogging site. :)  My address is


Every Saturday I feature a new baking recipe that I've tried and then throughout the week I post about my sewing, knitting, and other crafty adventures.  Right now I'm working on finishing a Highland dance jacket and the Colette Parfait dress.  Oh and a pattern UFO as part of this week's challenge.  :)

I, like many others, started a blog to show my family who live thousands of miles from me my creative projects. My mother and aunts are always, "send pictures,send pictures" and seeing my mother has FINALLY learned to turn on the computer it is such an easy way to share.


I am such a nerd due to me being excited that I FINALLY have followers that when I got my third (yes third) follower the other day I skipped to my darling and was so chipper in telling him about it and how they actually comment on my creations! (My family isn't tech-savy enough to leave comments, they always just call me!)


But anywho, my blog Kitten's Closet covers everything crafty I am attempting to do. I would like to document all my patterns on there at some point in time, other gal's blogs have inspired me to do this... we will see if I can slot in the time!

I love your blog!! 


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