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 I know that many of us having sewing blogs. I myself have I have noticed that my sewing blogs are well recieved but this is not all I have to offer and I would like to expand my friendship in other ways. Therefore I have been truley taken over by blogger life!!! I have aterted a blog thet embraces all family lives.  Please feel free to come  and have a look. Also what other interests do you have and do you also have 'other' blogs.


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Hi Charolette.

 I checked out your new blog. I enjoyed it..

 I dont have but the one sewing/family is I can barely keep up

with it..Sure couldnt do 2..ha

   I really am a pretty boring person.  I like to watch decorating shows on tv, and like to craft alot.. I like the flowers in my yard.. and the challenge of keeping them blooming in this hot dry weather.  I enjoy my 5 grandkids.. They keep us laughing and amused ,most of the time.  I wouldn't  say ,I am really good at anything..Just  do lots of little things.  I just feel blessed if my family is healthy and doing well..And we can enjoy each other.  thanks for a good question. Judy

Judy that hardly sounds boring! It sounds just lovely, and it's nice to find out whats important and what your good at in the other times that your not sewing.

I have been thinking about this for a while Charlotte and I thought about having a family blog where  I could upload our pictures so I know they wouldn't be lost of forgotten. I wasn't sure about making it directly public though as I wasn't sure people would want to read about my day to day life without the sewing.

Your new blog looks like it could be the beginnings of something lovely! x

Thanks Stevie. I know how much parents like to to share, I thought it would be really god to be inspired by other famiy life styles. I'm also aware that families take all shapes and forms and this can go as far as communities. I really like the idea of doing a very personal one though.

I write only at my sewing blog but can I add two great blogs that I follow to the list. ( Feel free to delete this post if it violates any policies)


For excellent, matter of fact advice on finances:


For great deals that don't seem to get to regular deal sites as well as tips on home/family:

I just know that many of you would love Crystal and her blog.

Hi Charlotte,

I love that you have started a second blog. From the looks of it, you are off to a great start!

I only have one blog that I've had for a handful of years. It's original purpose was to keep my family connected. I live about 2000 miles away from my family and only see them about twice a year. The content of my blog hasn't changed that much, it all falls under "creative" which I would also include my veggie garden part of. I spend a lot of time with my camera which probably overloads my blog with some pretty boring content. I should utilize Flickr more. Sometimes I think my blog is just a place to put stuff so it tends to have a lot of randomness.

For me one is about all I can handle. Although I would love to try a different blog host just to challenge myself!

Good question and discussion!
It is so interesting finding out why others started their blog.  I think you are right flickr is a really useful tool to use more of. x x x
I'm sort of toying with the idea of a blog- as if I have anythign to say! What engine do you all use?
I'm on Blogspot. It is super easy to use. I know plenty of others use wordpress.

Hello Charlotte!


I recently started a blog on my pattern website that discusses vintage film dresses, historical gowns, and von Trapp trivia.  I show many of the dresses I studied in England, plus many classic dresses from films and the Victorian era.  Hope you enjoy it!

Happy sewing,


Katrina - Edelweiss Patterns

wow stunning Katrina!

Thank you so much, Charlotte!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Happy sewing,




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