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What are some of your fav online fabric sites? 

I can never find anything that I really like or a price that I am willing to pay.  I am bored with buying fabric at Joann's, I usually go in the evening and all of the good stuff is not on the shelf.  I leared this because I played hooky one day and just happened to drop in and I was amazed at the selection.

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If you're looking for knit fabric I put together a post a while back. Online Knit Fabric Sources 

 I buy some from They have some good sales and are fast to ship.. There sight is kinda hard to manuever and find what your looking for.. But I have found some great fabric from them.. Not sure where you are from? I am from USA--Ms. Happy sewing.

Agreed. I've also done a few times and found them to be mostly ok. Certainly their prices are very good but I've been disappointed once or twice in the final product vs the photo online. They do have an excellent return policy, and excellent clearance sales.

Fashion Fabrics Club ( I find either did a better job of describing/photographing the fabric, or I was just lucky? But the one time I purchased from them I was very very pleased. However, their website isn't super user-friendly either.

I follow Fabric Mart ( but I've never actually purchased from them so I can't speak to that.

I've also purchased once from Mood's online store ( and was fairly pleased with them. Sign up to get their e-news and you'll find out about their sales. They don't have shipping deals (that I know of) so that's my main gripe with them.

I know this is an older post, but I'm always looking for online sources myself so I thought I'd give my two cents. :)

I have ordered from, and for the price I'm always pleased with my purchase. I just don't make definite plans for the fabric until it's in-hand. They also ship for free if you purchase over $35.

I have purchased several times from Fabric Mart ( I'm generally very pleased. They have excellent sales which change frequently and some incredible prices on quality fabrics. For example I once picked up an Armani suiting for $11 per yard when the retail was close to $100/yard. Love, love, love it!

Fabric Mart also has Julie's Picks club, where they send you about 30 swatches of fabric each month. It costs $50 for the year but they give you a $25 certificate to use on any of their fabrics.

Since I'm still learning, the swatch club has really helped educate me on different fabrics plus you can only order those fabrics if you are part of the club and I love getting to touch and feel the fabrics first even though I'm ordering online.

I have found them very good with customer service. For example, one piece of fabric from a free bundle I earned with purchase had a flaw. They just added the yardage to a future order - no questions asked, and I didn't have to send back the flawed piece so the kids got to make projects with it.

I like to stock up on their dollar days fabrics for practice projects, muslins, or trying new types of fabric. You just can't do better than a dollar per yard! Shipping from them is usually around $8 or $9...very reasonable and fast.


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