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The Pantone color of the year theme is still a few weeks away but I'm having trouble finding tangerine tango (or orange in general) fabric. Maybe you've seen something out there online?

I want to make a pair of shorts and I'm looking for a lightweight twill or something thick enough for bottoms. I've searched, denver fabrics, gorgeous fabrics and mood online and the closest color I've found was coral. I can't find anything orange in stores in my area either.

Do you know of any other online fabric shops that I could search? Or better yet have you found any tangerine twill?

On another note - how do you feel about the "color of the year"? I'm really loving the brights trend going on right now so I like this orange shade.

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How do you find out what themes are coming up?

By being a contributor. We get notice up to about 8 weeks in advance.

Do you have a Hancock nearby?  I know you mentioned having checked local stores; however, mine seemed to be adding spring fabrics this weekend.  I do think I saw orange sportswear twill though, I can't recall if it was quite tangerine.  You may also check ebay and etsy.  They generally have a bit of everything.  I would also add and to your usual searches though, neither appears to have the twill right now.  If those don't work out, you may try calling Field's Fabrics in MI. Their website doesn't offer much but they have great customer service and a much wider selection in their stores (I shopped the Kalamazoo store recently as we were passing through MI).  

Funny enough, I'm currently searching for coral for a different week and can't find anything in that color.

I've checked Hancock but not recently. I'll make a trip back and see if they have anything. I'll check out those other sites, too, thanks! I found a bunch of coral fabrics at Denver fabrics an Mood online, mostly silks but some others here and there.

I checked my Hancock yesterday and the orange they have is too... orange (really, it looks more like a hunting fabric). They did have Kona cotton in Tangerine but, I expect that's too thin for shorts. They do have a few new apparel fabrics that seem close to the cabaret, bellflower, and cockatoo colors, though I don't think many were bottomweight (maybe the heavier linens? Some of those also appear to be on an unmarked sale...I snagged a coral linen/cotton blend marked 9.99 with a 30% off sign for 2.95). You would think, being the top color for spring, Tangerine would be easier to find!

Yeah, I went today and the only orange I found was super orange and 100% poly. I've had no problems finding some of the other colors like the ones you mentioned but I just had my heart set on orange. I might just buy some white twill and dye it. Either way I need to make a decision because if I order online it'll be a few days before it will arrive and I can start sewing! Thanks for updating me.

I don't know if you've seen but the Rit website has the full Pantone Spring Colour collection and if you click on each of the colours (including Tangerine Tango) it tells you the proportions of their dyes to use to get the exact colour: (Tangerine Tango is 1 tsp sunshine orange, 1 tsp tangerine to 1 cup water). There's also a tutorial for upcycling a top and dying it tangerine tango:

you are awesome! thank you. that's great, especially since I was thinking about using iDye and just guessing on the color. Now I just have to go find some Rit at the store.

Awhile back there was some orange fabric for sale on I do not recall what type of fabric it was, however. 

I can't really help with the fabric, but if you can't find Tangerine Tango, you could use one if the other colours in their Spring 2012 fashion report.  It's not just the one colour (thank goodness, because much as I love Tangerine Tango, I just wouldn't be able to make it work in my wardrobe).

@Sarah, the contributors find out the upcoming themes a few weeks in advance, and they are supposed to update on the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle page every week, but it hasn't happened on schedule this year.  

I'm so glad you posted that link! I'm loving the colors for Spring. I haven't been super excited for some of the recent and upcoming challenges (mostly because I have ideas but can't find the fabric or pattern I want), but I can't wait for this one. I have a feeling the Pantone week will be very productive. 

I do like a bunch of the other colors in the fashion report but I really loved that tangerine! If I can't find it I might try bellflower or cabaret .


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