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The Pantone color of the year theme is still a few weeks away but I'm having trouble finding tangerine tango (or orange in general) fabric. Maybe you've seen something out there online?

I want to make a pair of shorts and I'm looking for a lightweight twill or something thick enough for bottoms. I've searched, denver fabrics, gorgeous fabrics and mood online and the closest color I've found was coral. I can't find anything orange in stores in my area either.

Do you know of any other online fabric shops that I could search? Or better yet have you found any tangerine twill?

On another note - how do you feel about the "color of the year"? I'm really loving the brights trend going on right now so I like this orange shade.

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Fashion Fabric Club has a number of "tangerine" colored fabrics. Including a faux suede... would that be along the lines of what you're looking for?

Thanks, there are a couple options from there that might work!


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