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What's happened to the comments?  If I want to comment on the contributers page it has changed to come up with logging into wordpress.  Before anyone who was a member, but not a contributer, could comment.

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 I don't know Sarah, I am having the same trouble. And I have been commenting for 2 yrs???

I am having the same problem!!!

It is very sad; not only for us but for the contributors they get less comments and encouragement!

hi Sarah

I have just had the same problem, it's asking me to use my WP credentials but I am logged into The SW Sewing Circle already!

What is even more frustrating, I am logged into my WordPress account right now, I have just checked since I use it for my blog! Not sure what's going on  :(

There's something technically different about the posting page on the contributor site - maybe that's where the problem lies ...

I am so glad it's not just me, I couldn't work out why I couldn't comment - I have a wordpress account too - but my log in won't work :(


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