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Hey Guys,


I'm late in getting the newsletter out so I wanted to give you a heads-up on the theme for next week. We're getting our inspiration from television characters (of the past and present).  Here's a good list for inspiration:


And as tempting as it might be, try to refrain from using Mad Men. :) We'll have a Mad Men challenge later in the year and I don't want it to be *too* easy right now. 

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If I was doing this week, it would have been Hilda Ogden - another excuse for a pinny, the crossover variety this time ... (what fun I could have had with that photo!)

oh how fab - I could do a great Stan!

I grew up with the English shows as well (we had only one tv channel where I grew up). I loved Margot from good life!

This is tricky for me, not sure I'm going to get anything done - I dont get home from holidays until next Saturday night. If we have a quiet day on Easter sunday I might manage to whip up something?
My lif e was like the good! we even had a goat in the garden called Suzi
Margot was fab!  She had amazing dresses - I wish I was doing this week - you must do her Debbie!

go margot! she looked amazing....

I'm totally an Abby from CSI fan!! So I'll probably make something inspired by her - becuase THIS week I WANT to find the time to do the challenge!

So it's either Abby... or Mrs. Simpson.... or Miss Piggy...... I might just go with Abby, my first thought!

Hmm... I'm on a limited budget and under strict house rules to bust my stash before I buy anything else. I DO, however, have a white cotton eyelet that might lend itself to something Sookie Stackhouse inspired....
Thinking Sookie here too- mainly because of the same restrictions you  have- plus I want some summer clothes ;)

nice! what pattern/ideas do you have? I was thinking an A-line skirted dress with probably a bit more modest top than Sookie usually wears (so I can wear it to work)...


I found THIS pattern from New Look that looks a whole lot like this dress.  I am thinking of something like that :)  

Having spent the weekend studying her clothes, I realised all her pretty floral dresses were very vintage 50's in appearance- which made the idea even more appealing because that is the very look I was after :)


That is super cute. I'll probably be using THIS
or THIS (version E or B). I love the 1950's feel of her clothing--it's so super feminine and girly which are two things I'm not really. :)


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