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Hey Ladies,


Those who get the SW newsletter would have seen that next week's theme is all about being inspired by childhood photos of ourselves. I thought I'd start a thread where we can post these photos (not just the ones that we're going to use for the challenge). I'll get started.


And yes, my daughter, Penelope, looks just like me. :)

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These are essentially the only childhood photos I have here in Adelaide - all the albums are with my parents interstate!


Testing the adage "Let sleeping dogs lie"....


This is me, aged 3. My mum made the puff-paint Big Bird top


I think I was about 7 here - by this stage insisting on assembling my own outfits, choosing my own accessories and doing my own hair. I did not enjoy feeding the animals. Ever.

Love that black skirt with lace!

I love how cute everyone is! Great theme too, can't wait to post this week! My inspiration mostly came from when I was 4-5 years old, as I love all the little 'suits' we wore in the early 80s. But I had to include a photo of my awesome 80s hair as well! Go the crimpers!


Wow, you had a crimping iron - you were so cool! And a strawberry shortcake t-shirt! I love your little sailor suit!

I were so cool!... I didn't have a crimping iron. Would go to bed with as many little plaits in my hair as possible so that it would look crimped by morning! hahaha

Me too! I remember going to bed with a head full of plaits!
hahah.... ok... so now I have to share again. Here's me with what I've dubbed 'the faux crimp'. hahahahahha!!!!!!! I had so much hair!

 I like the dress  , and the cute little white shoes and socks.. This reminds me of my daughter[who is 38-----oooh, remember   I married REALLY young,ha] You were adorable..

  now.. I will tell you just "how old I am",

 I remember  my daughter doing the crimpping iron thing.. I told her, you will 'RUIN  your hair.". I think the faux crimp looks better,ha.

Thanks Judy... The dress was my school uniform! I think this was my first day of grade 3.

ahh, thats lovely !!!

80's hair.... Look at me at my  bad fashion... 80's golden /black dress  with ruffles ... puffed sleeves ...shocking hehehe in contrast all little cute girly dresses !
OOh you LUCKY GIRL!!! What I wouldn't have given to have a dress like that !!!! It's a real Disco-Party-Dress!!!!


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