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For the first time, we're letting an accessory dictate our outfits. With Easter and a Royal Wedding coming up, what better way to celebrate than with a glorious hat?  Next week's challenge is all about creating a dress to go with a particularly cheerful hat.


(I should have the newsletter out some time before tomorrow morning)

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really cool site.
Awesome, thanks for the link Meg!  :-)
Oh good! I was confused as to whether we were to make an Easter hat or make a dress that goes with our Easter hat.
I just made a hat! And I have just the fabric in my stash to make a smashing dress to go with!
looking forward to seeing it
Hmmmmm.... I think I might have an idea.  I'll have to look and see.  I am a huge hat fan (as you can probably tell from the TV Character challenge LOL).
Does it have to be a hat for easter hat or can it be a fascinator? Have fascinators in my drawers from the Melbourne Spring Raing Carnival, but can easily hunt around for a hat if needed. Ta Meagan
I didn't have a hat to match my dress, so I made a fascinator out of the left over fabric. If you use yours, you won't be alone ;)


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