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I'm sorry guys that I didn't get the newsletter out this week -- my week was thrown off. This week's theme is "Don't judge a pattern by its cover." We will attempt to make attractive garments from very unattractive pattern (envelopes).


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You're not the only one! I've shocked myself into doing something since having to have photographs taken - I didn't realise how 'large' I had become!

Same thing happened to me.. I never take pictures of me,[I hate them], so when forced to for this challenge.. I was so disgusted with myself..

  I   went to a pizza joint yesterday, while shopping.. I ate salad while everyone around me...was eating yummy pizza. How sad!!! ha But pray soon...a few pounds will ease off. Good luck.

Taking photos for The Sew Weekly was my inspiration to lose weight!  I would love if this was a motivation for you too -- there is definitely a great group of ladies here that would support you all! I actually did Jenny Craig and was very successful -- about 40 pound lost since  August 25th of last year. I've been on maintenance mode for the past month or so and I have been able to keep the weight off (and even lose more).


I could even imagine doing an alterations challenge. Probably 50% of the outfits I made last year are too big and I've just been putting off fixing them up!

Thankyou Mena for the very nice encouragement.It always helps to see some one who "did it".. Congradulations on keeping it off.. I am doing the 'sensible eating [like weight watchers], and I am walking every day.I have lost 14 pounds .So, I am thrilled over that.  And pray alot more comes off. My husband is doing it with me [of course ,he has lost more than me.oooooooooh] ,and that really helps..

   I love the idea of.......... a challenge to  alter 'TOOOO BIG' garments.  Maybe  we will need this.That would be great..

 Again, thankyou ,thankyou for  this challenge.It has been a blessing to me.. I love it...And finally, I am sewing for 'ME'.. tooo much fun [all but the pictures,ha]

14 pounds is good Judy. well done, I wish I had the detemenation to loose just a few pounds!

Thanks Charolette.. It is sooooooooooooo slow.. It comes on really fast..but doesnt leave that way.ha.

  You don't look like you need to loose any.You look great..

Well done - a whole stone, that's great. It will be worth it in the end!


I go to weightwatchers but I have to make excuses every week because I just don't stick to it. I need to try harder!


I don't like the photos either, but I hope it will get better!


Hi Charolette..

  I am proud to know, i am not the only one in this photo boat.ha.. It is soooooooo hard  ,isnt it?? and sooooooooo slow coming off..yuk...

  How's your ugly pattern challenge coming along..I havent went to your blog lately to see what your up too..ha

 Good luck on weight watchers..  But you look nice in your pictures.. Dont look like you need it..

thanks Judy - I only put the most flattering phot on here of course and Carl takes loads, I usually only have one usable one!


Ugly pattern is so ugly I'm too ashamed to put it on here. I can't bear to finish it!



40 pounds is an enormous amount Mena. Really well done. You look fabulous in the photos, really like a model. I am inspired too. I kept putting off sewing because I felt too big to make anything for myself. Now I am just having a go, trying to lose weight but trying to accept myself too....


Congratulations on your weight loss, you are an inspiration in more ways than one.

Alterations are never as fun as initial creation. I have my mom do them for me.

well done on the salad - must have been tough for you, great will power.


Keep smiling - you'll get there!


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