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I'm sorry guys that I didn't get the newsletter out this week -- my week was thrown off. This week's theme is "Don't judge a pattern by its cover." We will attempt to make attractive garments from very unattractive pattern (envelopes).


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I'm going to try shortening it, and maybe changing the neckline. The sash may also move or disappear all together and the whole thing taken in. I may then chop it in to tiny pieces and use it for confetti, but hopefully it won't come to that.

 Jen, you are toooo funny.. But I am having the same feelings....Confetti may be in our future.

I took an 'OLD  ugly" straight dress.. I mean ugly.. I used some cute floral summery looking fabric..I thought the fabric would pull it out of the ugly  bin...nope !!!!! so, now I pulled out some stripe fabric and did some cute little pleated pockets... added some stripe cuffs to the sleeve.. and am fixing to sew them on..if that doesnt work???????????????? I dont know??? start a fresh with a 'new ugly",ha I started early, so I could go to plan B...if

Hi friends, I'm still pretty new here and have a few questions.  I just finished a jacket from a fabric and pattern that was given to me by my mother-in-law.  While I wouldn't say that the pattern envelope was necessarily unattractive, it definitely wasn't something I would have picked myself.  In fact, as it was going to be my first ever garment to sew, I was a little sad that it wasn't a cute dress or typical peacoat or something like that.  Fortunately, I trusted her vision.  I love the resulting jacket, so I think it fits the "Don't judge a pattern by its cover" perfectly.  Can I enter it into this week's challenge even if I finished it last week?  Also, how does one enter something?  By uploading a photo into the "Photos" section?  With an appropriate tag?  If so, how does one find out what this week's tag is?  Thanks for your time and patience with my inexperience here!
Hey Amy - we'd love to see what you have made. Maybe put the photos up as you have suggested (so we can see them already) and re-tag it when Mena puts the new tag title up.

feel free to post what you have made whenever you like - I have found everyone here to be very supportive, non-judgemental and to enjoy whatvever you have made, whenever you made it. Your jacket sounds perfect for this week's challenge. Mena will tell you what the tag is when she starts this week's thread, usually some time on Monday.


Looking forward to your jacket x

Ok ladies, I can't decide - I've pulled out five patterns from the ugly drawer (well, I think they're ugly as they're just not something I'd make usually!  Some of you may disagree with the 'ugly' label on a couple of them, though!) but I just can't decide which one to use!  Argh!  Help?!? 


Here's the patterns I'm trying to decide between.  Which one do you think I should use for this week's challenge??


well, I like the top left one the most... I especially like the hair on the left hand lady...


the most unpromising is top right.... hope you have some white tights tee hee


I think the top left one would actually make a dress you could wear again....


depends how much of a challenge you want! I vote top left x

Thanks for the votes girls!  I'll see what I can come up with with that top left pattern.  :-)
I like the top left too - though the neckline is a little 'turtlesque'. It seems to be the most wearable of the bunch!
I like the top left one as well - but I think that is too easy for you Kat - I'm sure you could turn the bottom right into something fabulous!!
I have an almost finished "ugly" dress, that I thought was going to work with the fabric I chose and by taking it in a few inches on the sides - but no .... it still looks like an ugly shapeless dress. This was supposed to be my 1 hour express dress - that is what the envelope says.  I thought I was going to shoo it in this week.  Alas, no.  I am now going to have to do some serious rehashing to turn it into something wearable - if that is possible.  Stay tuned ......
You have time! Hang in there!


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